Tabletop Exercises

Our Tabletop Exercises are individually tailored to meet the specific data protection needs of each client. LIFARS experts identify and interview essential personnel to understand your company’s distinct capabilities and existing contingency plans, then use this information to formulate a custom data-breach scenario based on our real-world experience.

Preparing for Cyber Incidents

Simulate cyber emergency incidents to evaluate your organization’s key personnel, and processes.  During the simulation we provide your incident response team with the opportunity to hone the practical skills they will need to confront inevitable real-world threats. Your team will recognize the nature and extent of the data breach, conduct triage to understand the impact to your organization and data, make collaborative decisions about containing the evolving threat, and identify the notifications necessary to satisfy pertinent regulations. A detailed report documenting the event explains our findings and highlights improvements to your cybersecurity and incident response readiness.

Tabletop Exercises with LIFARS Incident Response Team

Typical Tabletop Exercise scenarios include:

  • GDPR Data Breach

  • Business Email Compromise

  • Ransomware Containment

  • Insider Threat

  • SaaS Provider Data Breach

  • Social Media Compromise