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Tabletop Exercises

Our tabletop exercises are a highly sought-after activity by security professionals throughout the domain. Our Cyber Resiliency Experts administer a lifelike simulated emergency incident to evaluate your organization's key personnel to determine how effective your emergency plan is in a low-stress environment. The results help you increase your cyber resiliency posture, protecting your organizational assets and brand.

Our Solution

Whether to insure compliance or to simply test your incident response plan, tabletop exercises shine the light on gaps and weaknesses while providing training and confidence to your incident response team. In a controlled safe environment, scenarios are injected based upon actual forensic cases, and our threat intelligence insights from working with agencies like the FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, Interpol and other intelligence agencies. Exercises can be run as red or purple teams and can also include your C-suite executives for full crisis management role play. The LIFARS methodology for table top exercises will measures your ability to detect, respond, remediate a cyber threat while testing your internal and external communication processes in a safe controlled non-disruptive environment fostering learning and identifying opportunities for improvement. After the exercise, you will receive a customized report with recommended actions to increase your security posture.

Conducting regular tabletop exercises are in integral part of a robust incident response plan. When a crisis hits, chaos is released. Tabletop exercises ensure that you have complete tested procedures in place to protect your assets, intellectual property, and your brand. An independent trusted advisor like LIFARS, provides a proven perspective to ensure you are prepared for the unknown.

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Major Elements

  • Evaluation of current incident response plans and procedures

  • Testing of internal and external communications

  • Resolution of coordination and responsibility questions

  • Facilitated group discussion for Q&A and learning

  • Scope customization with the ability to include legal and the C-suite for full crisis management role play

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Benefits & Outcomes

  • Identify strengths and areas of improvement

  • Prioritization of gaps and weaknesses, including potential compliance requirements

  • Documented data points to assist with building business cases to address security concerns

  • Issues to potentially be shared with the C-suite and Board of Directors

  • Customized report along with recommended actions to increase your cyber resiliency




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