Mobile Application Security Services

There are about two billion smartphone users globally in 2016 and about four million apps available for download in the most popular app stores combined. The recent rush and rapid increase in smartphone popularity and app volumes often leaves out an important aspect of the mobile software development lifecycle – security.

Mobile security is extremely important – whether device security or mobile application security. Mobile devices have permeated the enterprise and ensuring corporate data is secure is the top priority, requiring a diligent approach. Our mobile security team is among the best in the industry and trusted in high-profile cases – whether for mobile application security assessments or enterprise mobile security.

LIFARS Mobile Security

Smartphone App Security

LIFARS Smartphone Application Security team will conduct complete mobile application security assessment to discover vulnerabilities within the application’s code and design – with focus on mobile data security, mobile payment security, and enterprise mobile security. Our team follows the OWASP Mobile Top 10 Risks list to ensure the highest security of the mobile application in accordance with the industry standards.

Secure Mobile Code Review

Implementing secure coding practices throughout the entire mobile application development lifecycle will help ensure that security is built-in from the start. Our experts will perform regular review and help secure the application code by utilizing automated and manual code review. To ensure maximum security, our team will perform a static and dynamic analysis to reveal hidden vulnerabilities.

Mobile Security for Business

Mobile and BYOD is now part of the business and security measures need to be in place to ensure good mobile security posture and lower the attack surface. Our Mobile Security team will help develop, implement, and test security controls to ensure mobile devices such as smartphones, and applications used by employees, are secured and do not pose a significant security risk.

Flexible Solutions

LIFARS mobile security services are highly customizable and flexible to suit your organization’s exact needs. We are ready to provide security solutions across various mobile platforms (including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, and others) and across various industries.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Mobile Security