Cloud Security and Compliance

Elevate your organization’s cloud security posture from strategy to incident response.

As more companies select different SaaS, IaaS and PaaS platforms for their corporate environment, the question of its security and compliance with regulatory requirements becomes a major component in the decision to transition to a cloud platform. LIFARS’ experienced team will assess your existing environments and will help in the selection the right solutions and configurations to align with the same level of security in the cloud as expected in your data center.

LIFARS Cloud Security and Compliance Assessment


Our seasoned penetration testing team is one of the best in the space. Each of our senior staff has 10+ years of experience in security assessments and an average of two decades of IT-related experience, delivering the best quality of service in the industry.

Malware Risk

Each platform is a new channel into your configuration that could allow hackers the ability to gain access and exploit. It is crucial that your loads in IaaS and PaaS have the right security measures set in place.

Data Protection

The cloud makes it too easy for information that was either uploaded or shared, to fall into the wrong hands. Scanning your cloud and flagging sensitive information is part of what we do to ensure quality monitoring and data protection.


Classifying your data and your users is the first part of building a compliant cloud. The second half is to tie them into a policy that includes auditing and reporting of incidents and a workflow to remediate or mitigate those incidents. LIFARS will provide turn-key policies specifically tailored to your compliance requirements and will work with you to adjust and implement them into your organization.

Manage Security as a Service

LIFARS can also assist your organization with continued managed services of these solutions. Our team can work as an extension of your team, (implementing security solutions, auditing. reporting and the workflows – manual or automatic) Leveraging LIFARS as a managed service, will allow assistance with implementing your security solutions, auditing, reporting, and the workflows – manual or automatic in a time- limited process.


Key Benefits of Having LIFARS on Your Side

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