Ransomware Readiness 

When Ransomware strikes will you be ready? As we continue to become more and more connected, it is critical for organizations to be securely structured. If your organization does not have the right plan in place, ransomware, among many other types of malware can render an organization hopeless, crippling its critical business infrastructure.

With a deep understanding of the cybersecurity field, LIFARS expert Digital Forensic and Incident Response team provides a cohesive training and assessment program for employees to understand and recognize an attempt to compromise the security of an organization, and ways in which to prevent it from happening. 

LIFARS Ransomware Readiness

Strategic Audit

LIFARS dynamic team will work closely with your organization to develop and strategically design the appropriate cybersecurity plan to fit your organization’s needs. Our experts will examine the current security infrastructure and analyze points in the organization where an attacker can penetrate the system. LIFARS will recommend the appropriate security tools to implement, as well as craft an Incident Response plan to ensure optimal protection.

Ransomware Awareness Training

LIFARS seasoned experts will conduct educational training for employees and decision makers ranging in all levels of technical understanding. LIFARS’ custom made interactive ransomware training program is a compelling way of educating employees about cyber threats and their impact on an organization. This educational program will consist of various training including Onsite, Technical, and User Awareness Training, as well as webinars, and Tabletop exercises featuring our reputable partners.

Red Team Assessment / Real Attack Simulation

LIFARS Red Team Assessment will assess both the file backup and file security by testing the capabilities and preventative measures that have been put in place by the organization. LIFARS Real Attack Simulation assesses ransomware readiness by conducting firewall, external network penetration testing, and website and application testing. Our expert team designs custom simulated attacks using specialized tool sets to target an organization in the same way hackers do. This can include phishing attacks to simulate the most common method of exploitation for ransomware into a corporate organization.


Key Benefits of Having LIFARS on Your Side

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