Phishing Attack Prevention

Phishing is the main ingredient of most cyberattacks and successful data breaches. Human factor is still among the most difficult challenges to overcome.

There are steps, however, that you can take to determine just how vulnerable your organization is to phishing attacks. LIFARS will simulate a real phishing attack and based on the results collected and our in-depth analysis of the company email system (encryption, protocols, filters, etc.), we will help optimize the system to increase the overall security posture and prevent cybercriminals from entering your network.

LIFARS Malicious Email Attack Prevention

Real-World Attack

Scenario-based phishing simulation assesses the current level of employee awareness and the strength of network defenses. LIFARS will launch a targeted phishing campaign based on real-world scenarios observed by our Incident Response Team. Using both common and uncommon methods, including malicious attachments, URLs, specialized emails, and more LIFARS will attempt to lure your employees. Upon completion, a detailed report is produced, complete with gaps and recommendations.

Full-Scope Email Audit

LIFARS team will follow up by conducting an audit of the entire email system to help identify gaps in security. We ensure that all security controls in place are properly configured and functioning optimally. Third party reviews help tighten security and provide ideas for further improvements.

Fine-Tuning Technology

Many businesses already have technology in place that is capable of providing reasonably good email security. Our experts will evaluate and fine-tune this technology to provide optimal security for email communication. We will examine email use within your organization for a period of time and based on the results collected and our own experience we will set up filters, whitelists, and blacklists to prevent common and advanced (targeted) email attacks on your organization.

Employee Training

Even with the most advanced technology in place, the human factor should not be underestimated. A well-educated and vigilant workforce plays a crucial role in preventing advanced social engineering attacks, including email attacks. LIFARS will train your employees with real examples from the assessment to demonstrate the threat and importance of being prepared. Providing employees with a timely and interactive training helps ensure that your workforce stays aware and vigilant.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Email & Phishing Attack Prevention