Mobile Forensics

In 2014, the global use mobile devices has surpassed the global human population, and the rate of adoption has been growing ever since. In the Western world, most people own more than one mobile device. These devices are often instrumental in crimes and evidence obtained from them has the power to decide outcomes of court cases.

As users put increasingly more personal information on the devices they use, obtaining evidence from mobile devices is crucial. With advances in technology and pro-privacy movements, this is getting increasingly more difficult. With expert knowledge of the fundamental principles involved, years of experience, and cutting edge technology, LIFARS is the premier Mobile Forensics firm, trusted and frequently selected for high-profile cases

LIFARS Mobile Forensics

Top-Tier Quality

When the country’s top law firms and law enforcement agencies need to obtain evidence from a mobile device, they turn to LIFARS Mobile Forensics team. When leading security experts need mobile forensics conducted, LIFARS is called. Why? We provide excellent service and obtain evidence where others fail.

Admissible Evidence

LIFARS Mobile Forensics team is able to obtain an array of court-admissible digital evidence from mobile devices, including (but not limited to): call logs, contacts, text messages, emails, browsing history, accounts used, media files (audio, video, photos), application data, data from internal storage, and much more. All evidence provided by LIFARS is admissible in court.

Wide Application

Mobile Forensics is applicable in a variety of situations – ranging from criminal cases, to cybercrime investigations, malware infections, ransomware attacks, encryption breaking, internal company investigations, e-stalking and cyberspying, family matters, and many more.

Proven Methodology

Obtaining mobile digital evidence may prove very difficult. The key strength of LIFARS Mobile Forensics is the in-house methodology used. Our methodology was developed over the last decade and is constantly improved upon to reflect the ongoing technology evolution. We do in-house research and keep up with the newest trends, delivering exceptional results in any situation.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Mobile Forensics

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