Ransomware Response

Our Cyber Resiliency Experts provide a safety net for your organization after a Ransomware Incident. We ensure immediate assistance and expert advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Solution

Our Cyber Resiliency Experts are able to mitigate the risks of ransomware and refine the security posture of your organization in a swift manner during the time of an incident. Our expert team will provide a fast and effective response that can help minimize the damage and cost associated with ransomware attacks.

Vector of Compromise

We utilize forensic evidence to determine the initial vector of compromise for ransomware attack cases they engage. These verticals include email attachments, file shares, executables and external threats.


In some cases, our Cyber Resiliency Experts can decrypt files that have been encrypted by a ransomware attack. We use our forensic tools to decrypt the files and recover them in their entirety in some cases or recover partial information. Recovery or decryption of files can greatly speed up the conversion process and can potentially help with the forensic response.

Ransom Negotiation

Our experts can assist with the negotiation process for ransomware attacks. In some cases, we can help reduce the ransom value in order to recover critical files or trace the source to the individual or group behind the attack.

Comprehensive Advisory

After an attack, the vulnerabilities that led to the exploitation can still remain. Our experts use their forensic and cybersecurity experience to assist with the conversion process to prevent similar exploitations in the future.

Cyber Resiliency In Action

In most ransomware cases the bitcoin wallet number is found in the ransom note. Using this information, our experts trace the source of the bitcoin wallet. If necessary, the bitcoin wallet can be used to determine the source of the ransom which will lead investigators to additional evidence or the perpetrators themselves.