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Cyber NYC Boosts the Big Apple's Cybersecurity Industry

in CSO, 2/6/2018, by Steve Morgan

LIFARS & SophistIT Launch Global Partnership

in Yahoo Finance, 1/23/2018, by PR Newswire

Hackers phishing Facebook addicts this holiday season

in SC Media, 12/26/2017, by Larry Jaffee

People Won’t Stop Clicking on Links: Alternative Strategies to Counter Phishing & Whaling

in RANE, 12/4/2017, by RANE

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (And How to Create One)

in SC Media, 11/29/2017, by Ondrej Krehel

Did Uber throw its CSO under the bus?

in CSO, 11/28/2017, by Steve Morgan

It might be time to get paranoid about your webcams and microphones

in Mashable, 10/26/2017, by Matthew Kline

LIFARS Listed on CIO Bulletin's "10 Best Security Companies 2017"

in CIO Bulletin, 10/16/2017, by CIO Bulletin

A few Tips for Staying Secure

in Mashable, 10/4/2017, by Mashable

Cyber Security in the Digital Age

in Oliver Wyamn, 10/3/2017, by Oliver Wyman

Ondrej Krehel on Data Protection in the Age of Ransomware - Webinar

in BrightTalk, 9/27/2017, by LIFARS

LIFARS Q&A with IT Briefcase

8/17/2017, by IT Briefcase
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The Apps Your Partner Could Be Using to Spy on You

in HuffPost, 8/3/2017, by Adam Levin, Contributor

Cybercrime is on the rise

in NewsBeat, 7/1/2017, by Ondrej Krehel

Ondrej Krehel, LIFARS' CEO, at QuBit Conference Prague 2017

in Youtube, 6/21/2017, by QuBit Conference

Step inside the secretive class that turns people into hackers

in Mashable, 6/8/2017, by Matthew Kline

LIFARS Q&A with vpnMentor

5/25/2017, by vpnMentor
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LIFARS Contributor - Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

5/2/2017, by Verizon

Ondrej Krehel in 6 Skills Required For A Career In Digital Forensics

5/2/2017, by Forbes

Ondrej Krehel in What the Russians want - SINET ITSEF 2017

4/5/2017, by The Cyberwire

Ondrej Krehel in Threat Intelligence Tips: Monitoring, Alerts, Automation & More

4/4/2017, by Nate Lord, Digital Guardian

Ondrej Krehel featured in - Cybercrime Gets Personal

in, 3/20/2017

Keeping good “cyber hygiene” to avoid online crime - with RTVS Slovak Radio

in RTVS, 2/28/2017

How ID Thieves Could Steal Your Identity From A Selfie - Interview With ABC7NY

in ABC NY, 2/28/2017

Ondrej Krehel on Phishing Schemes: More Sophisticated and Dangerous Than Ever

2/28/2017, by Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence

Ondrej Krehel provided insights on cybersecurity plans to protect an organization

in Inc., 1/25/2017, by Joseph Steinberg

Advisen's 2017 Cyber Guide

in Advisen, 1/1/2017, by Advisen

Ondrej Krehel (LIFARS) on Cyber Security: A Rising Threat for Dental Offices

12/13/2016, by New York County Dental Society

In case you missed it last night, watch the LIFARS team discuss the dangers of public wifi at ABC NY

in ABC NY, 11/11/2016

Our CEO, Ondrej Krehel, talks about 2016 Election and Cybersecurity

in SC Magazine, 11/1/2016, by Larry Jaffee

Tune in Monday 10/31 at 5:00 PM ET to ABC NY To Watch Our CEO Give A Cyber Attack Demo

in ABC NY, 10/31/2016

Hear Our CEO And Founder On How To Respond To Ransomware Attacks At Recent Interview


Vaporstream Partners With LIFARS To Reach More Customers

10/12/2016, by Vaporstream

Staying ahead of threats: Growing dangers

10/3/2016, by Larry Jaffee

LIFARS Partners with BlackRidge Technology to Bring a New Level of Cybersecurity Protection and Strategic Services to Enterprise Clients

in PRWeb, 9/7/2016

Ondrej Krehel (LIFARS): Tackling Cybersecurity Issues Needs Deeper Collaboration

in SlovakStartup, 8/18/2016, by Michal Tomek

Ransomware: To Pay or Not To Pay

in LexisNexis, 8/16/2016, by Ondrej Krehel

Ransomware Protection & Removal: How Businesses Can Best Defend Against Ransomware Attacks

in Digital Guardian, 8/10/2016

Cybersecurity in Today’s Financial World


Retail businesses face big new hack liability

in CNBC, 3/22/2016, by Jon Marino

PenTest OPEN: Penetration testing and vulnerability analysis. Trends in 2016

in PenTest Magazine, 11/17/2015, by Anna Kondzierska

eCommerce Web Performance & Speed: Experts Share Common Mistakes (& How to Improve)

in PenTest Magazine, 9/11/2015, by Yottaa

F.B.I. Issues Alert on CryptoWall Ransomware

in Credit Union Times, 6/24/2015, by Roy Urrico
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How to Avoid Scam Hotel Bookings

in Valley News, 6/21/2015, by Catherine Hamm

Google offers prize money to hackers to find Android bugs

in Ecumenical Times, 6/21/2015, by Mercy Soriano

4 Reasons HR Managers Need to Use Email Encryption

in Virtru, 6/19/2015, by Virtru

Press Release: CyberUnited LIFARS Raises Additional Concerns about LastPass Breach

in Yahoo Finance, 6/19/2015

Google is Paying Users up to $40,000 for Finding Bugs in Android Software

in Crave Online, 6/18/2015, by Paul Tamburro

Data Breach Confirmed by LastPass

in Credit Union Times, 6/17/2015, by Roy Urrico
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Press Release: CyberUnited LIFARS Recommends Immediate Action for LastPass Breach

in MarketWired, 6/17/2015

Cybersecurity first responders give advice on data breach aftermath

in CSO Online, 6/15/2015, by Steven Morgan

How crooks try to hook you into scam hotel bookings

in LA Times, 6/15/2015, by Catharine Hamm
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Government's Post-Breach Email Notices Pose Risks

in Credit Union Times, 6/10/2015, by Roy Urrico
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When a data breach hits, enterprises turn to outside firms to pick up the pieces

in CSO Online, 6/8/2015, by Steven Morgan

BYOD Security: Expert Tips on Policy, Mitigating Risks, & Preventing a Breach

in Gigital Guardian, 6/3/2015, by Nate Lord

Welcome to the IT workforce! Here

in ITWorld, 6/1/2015, by Josh Fruhlinger

1 million reasons to worry about Android apps

in Credit Union Times, 5/25/2015, by Roy Urrico
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Data Breach Concerns Keep CISOs Up At Night

in Blue Mountain, 5/21/2015, by Paul Vesely

Experts Reveal The Biggest Mistake Companies Make Purchasing & Implementing Data Leak Prevention Software

in Digital Guardian, 5/13/2015, by Nate Lord

Press Release: Security Consulting Firms Form Unique Joint Venture

in PR Newswire, 5/4/2015

Medical Industry Unprepared for Black Hat Cyber Attacks

in Uptown Radio, 5/4/2015, by Arianna Skibell
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Law Firm Data Security: Experts on How to Protect Legal Clients' Confidential Data

in Digital Guardian, 4/29/2015, by Nate Lord

Sophisticated Dyre Wolf Scheme Targets Corporate Accounts

in Credit Union Times, 4/12/2015, by Roy Urrico
Also available in Print

Dyre Wolf Scheme Targets Corporate Accounts

in Credit Union Times, 4/6/2015, by Roy Urrico
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Looking For A Practical CISO Job Description? Here's A Day In The Life Of The CISO

in Forbes, 4/4/2015, by Sue Poremba

Should you buy a used smartphone?

in Bankrate, 4/2/2015, by Amy Fontinelle

Data Breach: The CISO's Worst Nightmare

in Forbes, 3/25/2015, by Sue Poremba

ISIS Hacks, FREAK Attacks Test Vulnerability Awareness

in Credit Union Times, 3/22/2015, by Roy Urrico
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Data Security Experts Answer: What is the Biggest Misconception Companies Have About Endpoint Security & Protection Tools?

in Digital Guardian, 3/11/2015, by Paul Kubler

LIFARS Ranked #2 New York City Cybersecurity Firm on Cybersecurity 500

in Cybersecurity Ventures, 2/15/2015

How IoT is changing enterprise security

in ZDNet/ZDNet Japan, 2/2/2015, by Conner Forrest

Cybersecurity Expert Ondrej Krehel to Deliver Keynote Speech at Guidance Software’s Beyond Defense-in-Depth Event

in PR Newswire, 10/21/2014, by Nate Lord, Digital Guardian

Adware: These PUPs are not cute. They will shackle you.

in Dell, by Bev Robb