Penetration Testing

Test the real-world effectiveness of your security controls while achieving compliance and protecting your brand.

Our Solution

Your customers, partners, employees and executive teams expect strong cyber security standards regarding the data they share with you. If it is your responsibility to uphold this trust, then you are also an often overlooked yet crucial protector of your firms’ reputation and bottom line.

Our Cyber Resiliency Experts strategically attack your internal IT Systems, the same way a malicious hacker would. This process is implemented to uncover active security gaps within your network. Our tests are administered in a safe simulated attack environment, to discover your organizations comprisable points i.e. technologies, people, or processes – without taking down your network.

Discover Invisible Risks/Threats Through A Hacker Mindset

It’s no longer enough to run automated tests and create a report. Today, hackers are increasingly more clever, creative and armed with powerful tools previously only available to Nation State Attackers. We continuously create new scenarios and methodologies for penetration testing enriched with knowledge of the latest IOCs and TTPs. Our team supplements this with advanced social engineering and white hat hacker manual techniques to provide insight into a risk that the ordinary Penetration Test overlooks.

Experienced Team

For Penetration Testing to be effective, the tools used in the semi-automated assessments need to be paired with subject matter experts that perform manual penetration testing engagements on a daily basis. Our Cyber Resiliency Team possesses unparalleled credentials with 2 decades of experience. Our team is comprised of Certified Ethical Hackers(CEH), Certified Hacking Instructors(CEI) and members of NATOs Cyber Offensive Unit, each being enriched with knowledge from our global Forensics practice revealing the latest in IOCs and TTPs that advanced attackers rely on for success.

Pinpoint True Risks

We implement a proprietary series of holistic and rigorous examinations through a combination of multiple automated testing tools and in-depth manual tests whether its Black Box, White Box or Gray Box. During an engagement we alert you to identified high-risk vulnerabilities to immediately address upon completion of the assignment, we deliver comprehensive reports with clearly defined and rated vulnerabilities with directions for mitigating the risk and preventing their exploitation. This actionable intelligence will serve as a starting point for elevating your organization's security levels. We additionally offer comprehensive Advisory services to support the execution of the plan.

Custom Tailored Engagements

We start the process with an initial consultation to define your requirements, protocols and mission. Our team will use the provided information to create a detailed scope for the assessment and suggest additional areas that should be considered to achieve the security posture assurance against your advanced adversaries. We will perform the test on designated days and times that you choose. We will keep you informed throughout the lifecycle of the engagement through our LIFARS Project Management Department.

We incorporate strict reviews in compliance with the following:

  • Open Source Security Testing Methodology
  • NIST Special Publication 800-115
  • OWASP Top 10
  • SOX
  • ISO 9001
  • BITS/FSTC/NIST SP 800-30