Cathy Fell

VP of Clientele Special Operations

Picture of Cathy Fell

Cathy’s unique background lends itself well to cover the broad aspects of Vice President of Clientele Operations. Cathy has a strong working knowledge of IT, having spent almost 20 years in IT at Ford Motor Company working on diverse areas such as tech support, O/S patching, programming, UX, security, data center design/maintenance, IT project management/governance, large scale global deployments (150,000+ clients), and software design for various lines of business including Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, and Manufacturing. After moving to the East Coast, Cathy worked for HMG Strategy and America’s SAP Users’ Group, where Cathy then leveraged her knowledge of IT, Marketing, and Sales to produce executive leadership summits ranging in scale from intimate dinners to conferences with over 20,000 attendees. Creativity was applied to create an experience and not just event, while at the same time ensuring that attendees received actionable insight not easily found elsewhere from fellow practitioners and industry luminaries. Cathy has also advised several startups on marketing and selling a minimally viable product to achieve series A funding.

Cathy has a bachelor’s in Accounting, and a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis on Information Systems from the Eli Broad School of Management at Michigan State University.