March 28-29th, starts at Tuesday, 12:00PM

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Ondrej Krehel

Founder and CEO at LIFARS LLC

How Russia Uses Cyber Attacks and Other “Hybrid Warfare” Tools to Advance its Foreign Policy and Economic Objectives


Larry Hanauer, Vice President for Policy, Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA)

Other Panelists: 

  • George Kurtz, CEO & Co-founder, Crowdstrike
  • Herb Lin, Senior Research Scholar, CISAC and Research Fellow, Hoover Institution at Stanford University
  • Michael Murray, VP of Security Research and Response, Lookout


This panel will examine Russia’s use of cyber in the broader context of Russian foreign policy.

  • What is Russia’s overarching strategy? What does Moscow hope to achieve by influencing U.S. and European elections, undermining Western institutions, and creating instability in Western-leaning areas of its “near abroad”?
  • How does cyber fit into an overall strategy of irregular warfare that involves the use of political proxies, disinformation, and economic penalties?
  • How does Russia use cyber as a means to achieve its goals? How do Russian tactics differ for different targets (governments, companies) and for different cyber actors (intelligence units, hackers, criminals)?
  • What are the implications of Russian cyber strategy for the U.S. government, allied governments, and U.S. companies? How can a better understanding of Russian strategy help government agencies and private companies protect themselves from cyber attack?


Topic: cyberattack, russia

Event Highlights

SINET Connects: Networking Luncheon

Ondrej Krehel will be a lunch table host and discuss Ransomware Incident Response and Threat Hunting

Moreover, using an event APP provided by SINET, attendees will have the ability to “request” one-on-one meetings with speakers and other attendees.