Data Breach Response

Our Cyber Resiliency Team handles data breaches and emergency situations with military precision throughout the entire lifecycle of an incident. We report on progress and recommendations for the best course of action for your business continuity.

Our Solution

Our Cyber Resilience Team will examine digital evidence and compromised systems for forensic artifacts of data exfiltration, including social security numbers, driver licenses, health records, or any other sensitive data. Our skilled investigative team leverages knowledge from previous investigations to better understand an attacker’s lateral movement through an enterprise using attacker exploitation techniques, tools and procedures (TTPS).

Military Precision

Our Cyber Resiliency Team has worked on a variety of cases ranging from minor intrusions to high-profile, multinational security breaches with Law Intelligence Agencies across the globe. We strike with military precision execution to identify and contain the threat upon arrival for prevention of further damage to your brand and reputation.

Consummate Investigation

As a natural extension of your internal IT staff, our experts guide you step by step through the entire process of an Incident. Poised, streamlined communications throughout our in-depth investigation. We help you answer the important questions your CEO is asking: “How, When, Why, and What are the ultimate damages affecting the core business?”

Recovery and Post Incident Reporting

Upon containing the immediate threat, we will work with your internal IT teams to undergo a complete infection removal process. Providing a thorough and diligent threat conversion. Our Incident Response life-cycle concludes with a report listing, by priority and the recommended actions to elevate your Cyber Resiliency to prevent similar attacks in the future.



Our response team can quickly adapt to your immediate needs. You can rely on us in any situation.


Our Incident Response Management Service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with active response within minutes.


Continuous updates to your management tier of our ongoing progress.