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Cloud Security Compliance

Our Cyber Resiliency Team will assess your existing environments and help in the selection of the right solutions and configurations to align the same level of security in the cloud to match the security deployment in your data center.

LIFARS utilize digital forensic evidence to determine the initial vector of compromise for ransomware attack cases they engage

Malware Risk

Each platform an organization uses is a new channel into your configuration that could allow hackers the ability to gain access and exploit. Our Cyber Resiliency Experts assess your loads in IaaS and PaaS to make sure you have the correct security measures in place.

Red Teaming penetration testing, hack

Data Protection

As part of our Cloud Security Compliance Solution, our Cyber Resiliency Experts thoroughly scan your cloud environment and additionally flag all sensitive information to ensure quality monitoring and data protection.

Cloud Security Compliance, Threat Intelligence and Monitoring


We provide a policy tailored to your compliance requirement needs and will work with you to make adjustments and to implement them seamlessly into your organization.


Expert Guidance

Our experts in cybersecurity, risk management, and technical innovation help you meet your business and security objectives.


We gain deeper understanding of your security strategy, operations, and infrastructure. Align them with industry best practices and our hands-on experience of engagements on the front lines of cybersecurity.

Effective controls

We’ll help you identify and correct security gaps, ineffective processes, and poorly designed technology security controls.