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CISO as a Service

Our CISO as a Service Solution helps organizations assess, design, and execute an effective, efficient cybersecurity plan that enables company business objectives.

Our Solution

Our Cyber Resiliency Experts will oversee all of the cybersecurity operations while minimizing costs – with no compromises in quality. This solution is optimal for organizations that currently lack the high-quality human resources necessary to protect the organization and for companies in transitional stages.

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Extensive Experience

Our Cyber Resiliency Team builds on knowledge accumulated over two decades from a diverse set of environments and engagements. This experience gives us a better understanding of how to design a custom security infrastructure and plans for your organization. Our custom blueprint addresses the breach and attack trends from the past through current day delivering on the promise of optimized security.

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Business Continuity

We aggregate strategic and systematic implementation of security measures for your organization, optimizing the security of your data without interrupting your daily operations.

Business People Planning Strategy

Flexible Plans

For many organizations, the costs associated with a dedicated CISO are cost prohibitive. With our CISO as a Service Solution. Our highly flexible plans are tailored to fit around your specific needs, vastly reducing overall costs without reducing quality.

Holistic Cybersecurity Coverage

Our Cyber Resiliency Experts deliver sophisticated insights with superior results in comparison to the traditional single dedicated CISO component at an organization. We utilize the knowledge of multiple experts in various areas of the cyber domain providing true holistic coverage of all aspects of information security from:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance
  • Incident Response
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Training and more