July 17, 2017

$53 Billion: Global Cyberattack Could be as Costly as Hurricane Sandy

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Italy’s largest bank, UniCredit, experiences breach of 400,000 accounts

One of the biggest breaches targeting European banking has occured this year. Italy’s largest bank, UniCredit, experiences breach of 400,000 accounts, and the attack affected hundreds of thousands of customers….

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The Turkish Android App Store is Crawling with Malware

CepKutustu.com, a Turkish alternative app store, has been spreading malware through every app in the store. ESET researchers found when users downloaded their desired apps, the app did not appear as described. The…

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Microsoft is Turning the Tables on Russian Hackers with Lawyers

Microsoft is beginning counter measures against the alleged state-sponsored Russian hacking group known as Fancy Bear. Linked with Russia’s covert military intelligence agency, Fancy Bear is commonly known for allegedly…

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Apple Update Patch Fixes Exploit Enabling Hacker Takeover via WiFi

Released on Wednesday, the new iOS 10.3.3 update closes a critical wi-fi vulnerability that allows malicious hackers to take over Apple iPhones at will over a corrupted WiFi network. A…

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Here are the 10 Most Malware Infected States in the Country

A new report has canvassed more than 1.5 million malware infections in the United States to reveal interesting takeaways from the first half of 2017. New Hampshire is the state…

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NotPetya Cyberattack Causes Financial Losses for FedEx

Package delivery giant FedEx has revealed that the ‘NotPetya’ ransomware attack in June has led to both financial and “material” consequences on its TNT Express unit. In a filing with…

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APT10 Operation Cloud Hopper Targets MSPs

APT10, a cyber espionage group operating out of China, has been targeting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for organization secrets and information since December 2009. The recent operation discovered by security…

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Free Decryption Tool Allows Victims of Nemucod Ransomware to Retrieve Files

The release of a free decryption tool will help victims of the latest version of a commonly found ransomware family called Nemucod to retrieve their files without needing to fork…

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Android Ransomware App Threatens Spread of Pictures & Messages

Security researchers have uncovered a new form of ransomware that does not encrypt files to extort payments from victims. Instead, this rogue mobile ransomware – spotted by researchers on Google…

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