June 19, 2017

The EU Warns of “Joint” Response to Cyberattacks

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Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Global Skype Outage

Raising speculation of a DDoS attack, a hacking group has claimed responsibility for a spate of connectivity issues plaguing Skype this week. In a post on Twittter, hacking group CyberTeam…

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198 Million Americans Struck by ‘Largest Ever’ Voter Record Leak

A significant 25 terabyte trove of voter data from a marketing firm contracted by the Republican National Committee has been exposed, with personal nearly 200 million US citizens leaked. The…

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Hacker who Hit Canadian Gold Mines & Casinos Plotting New Attacks

Researchers at cybersecurity firm FireEye have warned that the same hacker or hacking group who previously targeted Canadian casinos and mining companies is now looking for new targets and planning…

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Hidden Tor Website Offers Phone Snooping Service for $500

For over a year, a hidden Tor service has been enabling its buyers to access text messages on the telecom sector’s private SS7 network. An ‘interconnector’ service has been up…

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Lisa Bock on A New Twist on Ransomware – Internal DDoS

Lisa Bock is an associate professor of information technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology (www.pct.edu) in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. She has taught a variety of courses that include networking, security, biometrics, protocol…

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The Importance of Memory Forensics

Digital forensics experts who do not use memory forensics are leaving evidence behind. Memory forensics is the examination of volatile data in a computer’s memory dump is known as memory…

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Microsoft Patches Windows XP to Protect Against Nation-State Attacks

After Microsoft took the unprecedented step of releasing patches for Windows XP following last month’s WannaCry attacks, the software maker has released additional updates for all of versions of Windows….

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Canada’s Central Bank Says Financial Sector is Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

The Bank of Canada has warned that interconnected banks are vulnerable to a perpetuating series of cyberattacks, pointing to an inherent structural vulnerability in such a framework. A new report…

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Dvamp is Android’s First Trojan Malware with Code Injection

A sophisticated and dangerous new trojan malware, Dvamp, has emerged as the first-known trojan for Android operating system with code injection. In April this year, cybersecurity researchers at Kaspersky uncovered…

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