December 11, 2017

Gartner Research: Cybersecurity Spending to Hit $96 Billion in 2018

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New Ransomware ‘Spider’ Threatens Wipeout in 96 Hours

A new strain of ransomware discovered by security researchers encrypts files and gives victims a 96-hours deadline to pay the ransom. The “mid-scale” campaign was first discovered on December 10,…

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Security Researchers Discover Trove of 1.4 Billion Credentials

Security researchers at dark web monitoring firm 4iQ have stumbled upon a massive 41GB data file of 1.4 million login credentials including emails and passwords – in clear text. The…

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Uber Paid 20-Year-old Florida Man to Destroy Data as ‘Bug Bounty’ Program

Uber has reportedly paid $100,000 as a pay-off to a hacker who stole the personal data of some 57 million users and passed it off as a bug bounty program….

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Cryptocurrency Marketplace Suffers Hack, $64 Million in Bitcoin Stolen

Cryptocurrency marketplace NiceHash has claimed that the contents of its bitcoin wallet was stolen in a security breach, with nearly $64 billion in bitcoins lost. Slovenia-based cryptocurrency mining marketplace NiceCash…

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26% of Ransomware Attacks Target Corporate Businesses

New research from Kaspersky Lab has revealed that the number of ransomware attacks targeting businesses have risen to 26% this year. An unprecedented outbreak of ransomware led by three major…

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FBI, Europol Put an End to Andromeda Botnet Menace

An international contingent of law-enforcement agencies has conclusively struck a blow to the massive Andromeda malware botnet, one of the longest-running malware families in existence. Andromeda, a malware propagator whose…

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PayPal’s TIO Data Breach Affects 1.6 Million Customers

PayPal-acquired TIO, a Canadian payments processing company, has suffered a data breach that sees the personal information of some 1.6 million customers stolen by malicious hackers. PayPal has revealed details of…

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Apple Pushes Update to Fix Major Mac OS Vulnerability

Apple has issued an emergency patch after admitting to a major security flaw that enabled anyone to access a Mac without a password. First reported by TechCrunch, a major flaw…

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Canadian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Yahoo Breach Instigated by Russia

A Canadian national accused by the United States of helping Russian intelligence agents breach into email accounts as a part of the massive 2014 breach of Yahoo pleaded guilty on…

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