April 17, 2017

Twitter Turns on Support for Two-Factor Authentication Apps

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Andrew Lee on Internet of Things and cybersecurity

As CEO for ESET North America, Andrew Lee brings the role a unique blend of corporate and security expertise. Having served as Chief Research Officer at ESET from 2004 to…

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Multiple Consumer Linksys Router Models are Vulnerable to Attacks

Two security researchers have discovered two dozen Linksys router models that contain at least 10 vulnerabilities between them, open to exploits from attackers who could steal information from the routers….

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Data Breach Hits over 1,000 Intercontinental Hotels

The Intercontinental Hotel Group, the operator of hotel chains like the Holiday Inn and the Intercontinental, has admitted to the discovery of a malware that compromised point-of-sale equipment used at…

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Report: Nearly Half(!) of all UK Businesses Struck by Cyberattacks

Nearly half of all UK businesses have suffered a cyberattack or a breach in 2016, according to an official report. Cyberattacks targeting UK businesses have doubled in 2016, with a…

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Carnegie Mellon Hacking Contest Teaches over 18,000 High-Schoolers to Hack

Over the past few weeks starting in late March, over 18,000 middle school and high school students from across the United States have gained a crash course on computer security…

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Mirai-Like ‘BrickerBot’ Malware Kills Unsecured IoT Devices

A new variant of malware, dubbed BrickerBot, has been discovered operating in the wild by targeting IoT devices running Linux, the popular open-source operating system. BrickerBot operates similarly to Mirai,…

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Mac Malware Rises as Ransomware Extortionists Target Apple Users

A survey by security software firm Malwarebytes’ analysis of malware and cybercrime in the first quarter of 2017 has revealed an increasing number of attacks targeting Apple users using Mac-targeting…

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Researchers Reveal Passcode Exploit through Phone Motion Sensors

Last year, a team of cyber researchers demonstrated the simplicity of spying on a phone’s motion sensors to steal the user’s PINs and passwords. A team of cyber researchers from…

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US Feds Start Dismantling Destructive Spam Botnet Kelihos

The US Department of Justice has announced the launch of an extensive effort to put an end to the Kelihos botnet, a global network of over 10,000 infected computers that…

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