LIFARS is a trusted elite digital security solutions company


LIFARS is a highly technical, New York City based incident response and digital forensics firm specializing in proactive and reactive solutions to optimize your organization's cybersecurity exposure.

Ondrej Krehel CEO LIFARS

“At Lifars we believe that cyber security is a matter of trust…that is why most of our services are rendered onsite on your premises to establish a personal relationship.”

Ondrej Krehel - CEO/Founder

Leadership Solutions Has Its Rewards

LIFARS believes that a strong market solution connected with a resilient team has been the reason for the success of our company and why it better serves our customers. We have many strong testimonials from clients around the country and the world. They tell the story of our leadership in the fight for cybersecurity. Our client satisfaction inspires our team to constantly provide best of class solutions.

Awards and Accolades