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LIFARS is a highly technical, New York City based incident response and digital forensics firm specializing in proactive and reactive solutions to optimize your organization's cybersecurity exposure.

LIFARS is a trusted elite digital security solutions company. We were established in 2012 with an abundance of experience in the field of cybersecurity. We provide cutting-edge digital forensics, security, advisory services providing:

  • Managed Detection
  • Advisory Consulting Response Tools
  • Risk Assessment for enterprise-wide digital security

Our team consists of analysts and engineers that have worked with the US Intelligence Community, FBI, DHS, US Secret Service, Interpol, Europol and NATO Offensive Unit. LIFARS resiliency experts are natural masters in emergency incident response containment, penetration testing, incident prevention and recovery.

We are an active member of the NY Electronic Crimes Task Force and often recommended to lead or augment breach response for High-Profile events that resulted in our amassing of a repository of classified TTP’s and IOC’s that benefit our clients as we are often able to help them know what they previously didn’t know.

LIFARS solutions are based on the industry’s best practices with hands-on expertise born of 20 years of experience in the digital realm. We have achieved immense market recognition and success with our solutions and services. Over the years we have assisted clients with major challenges and pain points in their cyber-journey, in which they profit from but one full of constantly changing challenges and at times dangerous risks.

Tracking & managing the budget.

Tracking & proactively preventing the breach.


Our first enterprise solution was our ‘unique incident response’ offering, which defined rapid deployment of an elite cyber response team for the most challenging cyber missions. We deliver support and strategic execution in the moments when cyber attack and extortion is ongoing, and execute offensive tactical mission to disengage threat actor.

Our clients are given a “cyber 911 number” if an incident occurs. When a call is made an expert team of emergency respondents is dispatched on-site to contain the security breach, minimize damage and it’s scope.

Ondrej Krehel CEO LIFARS

“At Lifars we believe that cyber security is a matter of trust…that is why most of our services are rendered onsite on your premises to establish a personal relationship.”

Ondrej Krehel - CEO/Founder

Leadership Solutions Has Its Rewards

LIFARS believes that a strong market solution connected with a resilient team has been the reason for the success of our company and why it better serves our customers. We have many strong testimonials from clients around the country and the world. They tell the story of our leadership in the fight for cybersecurity. Our client satisfaction inspires our team to constantly provide best of class solutions.

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