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Anonymous Brings Down Multiple North Carolina Govt. Websites

An Anonymous-affiliated hacker has targeted a number of government websites in North Carolina as a way to protest against the law dubbed the ‘bathroom bill’. The bill is criticized by many for being anti-LGBT.

An Anonymous hacker-led operation called OpLGBT has targeted a number of government websites in North Carolina with DDoS attacks. The websites include a few belonging to North Carolina governor who is a known supporter of the ‘bathroom bill’, Pat McCrory.

The state’s Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, otherwise dubbed as the ‘bathroom bill’ forces transgender people to use a bathroom that match with the gender of their birth, not the gender of their identity.

Speaking to IBTimes UK, the Anonymous hacker stated:

It is not only an operation against the bathroom bill – this is an operation against all the laws against LGBT.

“[The] reason for launching the attacks was making North Carolina aware that we are here to fight and ready to fight to the end,” the hacker added.

The bill and the state have received plenty of criticism from many who see the law as a violation of civil rights. Singer and musician Bruce Springsteen refuses to play in the state as a form of protest. Despite garnering Republican support, the bill still saw criticism from Republican front-runner Donald Trump who stated that people should use bathrooms that they feel is “appropriate.”

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The US Department of Justice and North Carolina are currently in a stand-off over the bill, with a lawsuit and a countersuit regarding the bill. The Justice Department has stated that the state is violating the Civil Rights act, while North Carolina has added that the Justice Department lacks the authority to intervene.

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