Who We Are

LIFARS is a global Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Intelligence firm based in New York City offering onsite agile service in Greater NY and surrounding areas.

Our Solutions

LIFARS helps businesses defend their networks and reputation by providing elite cybersecurity solutions in Incident Response, Security Assessment, Managed Services & Security Advisory.

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New York’s New Cybersecurity Regulation to be Enforced in March

   New York’s new cybersecurity regulation will be enforced on March 1, enforcing new norms...

‘Nothing is Impossible’ Writes Hacker After Defacing Trump Campaign Website

 A hacker who goes by the pseudonym “Pro-Mast3r” has reportedly defaced a fundraising website...

Yahoo: Your Email Accounts May Have Been Hacked, Again

For the third time in less than 6 months, Yahoo has, once again, warned users that their email...

Dreaded IoT Malware Mirai Spotted in a Windows Trojan

Mirai, the infamous strain of IoT-based malware that triggered an unprecedented distributed...

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