LIFARS is a global Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Ransomware mitigation and Cybersecurity firm based in New York City

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LIFARS is the global leader in Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Ransomware mitigation and Cyber Resiliency Services. Cyber experience spans decades working on high profile events often in coordination with Law Enforcement Agencies around the world. Best in class methodology derives directly and indirectly from our experience working with and for US Intelligence Agencies, US Secret Service, FBI, DHS as well as Interpol, Europol and NATO.

Are You Concerned About Ransomware or Malware?
There are preventive measures your organization can take to defend against an cyber attack.
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LIFARS provides complimentary consulting on Ransomware attacks to determine if a move forward decision is desired with factors consisting of whether data exfiltration occurred, determining if additional systems have been compromised and/or requests to attempt data recovery.
For high profile ransomware cases LIFARS engages the U.S. Secret Service Electronics Crime Task Force which was formed to prevent, detect, mitigate and aggressively investigate attacks on the nations’ financial and critical infrastructure.
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The LIFARS team was very flexible in creating a program and roadmap to mature our IR planning.

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NY Based Financial Institution

We called LIFARS and they had a responder team at our office in less than 24 hours. They worked with our IT consultant and they determined the extent of our issue and helped correct the problem.

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Kostka Taylor, LLC

The LIFARS cyber resiliency experts helped the RSI executive team understand all of the cybersecurity risks that we were up against, so that we could get the necessary investments to protect our business and brand.

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Karl Waldman, SVP Global Product Management

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We were also approached by experts from Bulgaria who opened their door for us. As a result, in 2018 we brought the first QuBit conference to Sofia. And it was a great success with a strong base for future growth.

We listened to the needs of experts in the field and filled in the missing gap by creating a place where cybersecurity professionals can share their knowledge and establish business relationships with the feeling of trust and a higher sense of growing the community they are a part of.

As the interest throughout Central and Eastern Europe grew, our Serbian colleagues invited us to their home country. We accepted the offer and organized the first QuBit Conference in Belgrade in 2017 with 100+ professionals in attendance. Different culture, different stage of development, but the same hunger for education and knowledge sharing.

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