Who We Are

LIFARS is the global leader in Digital Forensics and Cyber Resiliency Services. Our experience spans decades working on high profile events often in coordination with Law Enforcement Agencies around the world. Our methodology derives directly and indirectly from our experience working with and for US Intelligence Agencies as well as Interpol, Europol and NATO.

We are solemnly dedicated to Cyber Resiliency and thus pay close attention to all aspects of our client’s engagement experience while providing a strategic and integrated array of services to minimize risk, disruption and maximize the benefits from your cybersecurity investments.

Our Solutions

LIFARS helps businesses defend their networks and reputation by providing elite cybersecurity solutions in Incident Response, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Intelligence. LIFARS conducts digital forensic investigations, data breach incident response, web application security testing, and digital risk assessments.

LIFARS Cyber Resiliency Framework


  • PCI
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Threat Hunting
  • Cloud Security & Compliance
  • Internal and External Pen Testing
  • Cybersecurity Audits & Assessments


  • Policy Design and Tuning
  • Threat Intelligence Strategy
  • Architecture Advisory
  • Prevention and Protection


  • Social Engineering
  • Red Team Exercises
  • Incident Response Retainer
  • SOC Analyst & Responder Training
  • Threat Modeling
  • Secure Code Review
  • Cloud & Mobile App Assessments
  • Executive & Technical Table Top Drills


  • Ransomware
  • Digital Forensics
  • Data Breach Response
  • Threat Intelligence Monitoring & Management
  • Investigations
  • M&A Forensics
  • Court Testimony
  • Root Cause Analysis


  • Policy Tuning
  • Architecture Tuning
  • Remediation
  • Configuration Tuning


  • Training
  • Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer

Traditionally, disparate tactical initiatives in Cyber Resiliency have been a standard practice in fortifying security posture and providing organizations with deeper knowledge on cyber threats as they relate to environments. As evidenced by the consistent breaches and high-profile incidents around the world, the tactical approach isn’t effective. LIFARS provides unification of Cyber Resiliency Missions via strategic programs tailored to your firms’ needs, mitigating key knowledge gaps that are contributing to the cyber incidents prevalent throughout the world.

As your strategic partner in Cyber Resiliency our goal is to always “know what we previously didn’t know”, the practical way to implement this process is to engage LIFARS experts so that they are uniquely aligned with your mission by not only knowing your environment as if it was their own, but also strategically aligning with your firms overall cyber security mission.



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