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Liberty  Investigation  Forensic  And  Response  Services

LIFARS is a global Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Intelligence firm based in New York City offering onsite agile service in Greater NY and surrounding areas.

Our Solutions

LIFARS helps businesses defend their networks and reputation by providing elite cybersecurity solutions in Incident Response, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Intelligence. LIFARS conducts digital forensic investigations, data breach incident response, web application security testing, and digital risk assessments.

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Petya Ransomware Outbreak is Wrecking Havoc Across the World

A new ransomware strain similar to WannaCry has been spreading across Europe today, hitting a number of large companies and...

The Growing Insider Threat

A security threat originating from within the organization which is targeted or attacked is an insider threat. Insider attacks are...

Simple Brute Force Cyberattack Compromises the UK Parliament’s Email System

The British Parliament’s email system was struck by a brute-force attack over the weekend by an unknown adversary who bombarded...

Secret Obama-Initiated US Program Targets Cyberstrikes against Russia

 A new report has claimed that former President Barack Obama approved the use of cyber weaponry against Russia in retaliation...

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