NotPetya Cyberattack
Read our blog: NotPetya cyberattack that struck FedEx's TNT

Here is the weekly roundup :

Singapore Comes First as Launchpad for Global Cyber Attacks
The small Asian nation of Singapore has overtaken countries including Russia, China and the United States as the country launching the most cyber attacks globally, according to a study by a cybersecurity firm.

Data Breach of Medical Supply Firm Affects Over 21,000
The hack of a Nebraska-based medical supply company has affected over 21,000 individual victims in what is the second largest business associate health data breach this year.

NotPetya Cyberattack Costs FedEx's TNT Arm $300 Million in Damages
Delivery and logistics giant FedEx has revealed the cost of damages incurred by its TNT division due to the NotPetya ransomware outbreak in June – a staggering $300 million.

EEquifax Suffered a Hack 5 Months Before its Disclosed Date
A new report has revealed that Equifax has learned about a major breach of its computers in March, nearly five months before it disclosed a massive breach earlier this month.

2.3 Million Infected: Hackers Insert Malware Into Popular PC Freeware CCleaner
Malicious hackers broke into popular freeware software CCleaner, potentially enabling them to control the devices of over two million users.Researchers have discovered a backdoor...

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