‘Largest Ever’ Voter Record Leak
198 Million Americans Struck by ‘Largest Ever’ Voter Record Leak

Here is the weekly roundup :

Secret Obama-Initiated US Program Targets Cyberstrikes against Russia
A new report has claimed that former President Barack Obama approved the use of cyber weaponry against Russia in retaliation to the latter’s cyberattack that severely disrupted the Democratic Party…

Microsoft Security Director Admits Windows 10 Disables 3rd Party Antivirus Software
As Kaspersky Lab sues Microsoft for alleged antitrust compliant violations, a senior security executive at the software giant confirmed that the latest version of its flagship operating system, Windows 10,…

Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Global Skype Outage
Raising speculation of a DDoS attack, a hacking group has claimed responsibility for a spate of connectivity issues plaguing Skype this week. In a post on Twittter, hacking group CyberTeam…

The EU Warns of “Joint” Response to Cyberattacks
Amid ever-growing fears of cybercriminals and malicious hackers holding governments and its citizens to ransom, the European Union (EU) has warned that a cyberattack against a single member state will entice a collective response from all EU members.

Hacker who Hit Canadian Gold Mines & Casinos Plotting New Attacks
Researchers at cybersecurity firm have warned that the same hacker or hacking group who previously targeted Canadian casinos and mining companies is now looking for new targets and planning…


Mark Graff on Cybersecurity Now and In the Future

Mark Graff, the Founder and CEO at Tellagraff, LLC and the host of the weekly radio/podcast ‘CyberMatters with Mark Graff , discusses a future of cybersecurity and what to expect

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