Advanced Persistent Threats
What You Need to Know About Advanced Persistent Threats

Here is the weekly roundup :

Hidden Tor Website Offers Phone Snooping Service for $500
For over a year, a hidden Tor service has been enabling its buyers to access text messages on the telecom sector’s private SS7 network. An ‘interconnector’ service has been up…

The Importance of Memory Forensics
Digital forensics experts who do not use memory forensics are leaving evidence behind. Memory forensics is the examination of volatile data in a computer’s memory dump is known as memory…

Microsoft Patches Windows XP to Protect Against Nation-State Attacks
Anti-malware programs detect malware through the use of a signature. Most malware is made up of unique markers, patterns of code, which allows anti-malware programs to detect them. Attackers have…

Canada’s Central Bank Says Financial Sector is Vulnerable to Cyberattacks
The Bank of Canada has warned that interconnected banks are vulnerable to a perpetuating series of cyberattacks, pointing to an inherent structural vulnerability in such a framework. A new report…

Dvamp is Android’s First Trojan Malware with Code Injection
A sophisticated and dangerous new trojan malware, Dvamp, has emerged as the first-known trojan for Android operating system with code injection.


Lisa Bock on A New Twist on Ransomware – Internal DDoS

Lisa Bock, an associate professor of information technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology, discusses a new form of Ransomware – Internal DDoS attack using Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP)

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