The Most Convincing Phishing Attack Yet
Cunning Gmail Phishing Attack is Even Tricking Savvy Users

Here is the weekly roundup :

Cybersecurity Experts Discover Botnet of 350,000 Twitter Accounts
An entire botnet of Twitter accounts that can have the means to produce spam, manipulate debates, shape public opinion in an insidious manner, has been uncovered by researchers at the University College London.

US Intelligence Agencies Have Been Investigating Russia’s State-Sponsored Hacking
A group of intelligence agencies and law enforcement authorities have, for months, led investigations into the possibility of hackers paid by the Russian government to infiltrate targets in the United States.

Cunning Gmail Phishing Attack is Even Tricking Savvy Users
A new Gmail-targeting phishing attack is fooling account owners into giving malicious hackers access to their Gmail accounts. Learn how to protect yourself!

Report: WhatsApp ‘Backdoor’ Leaves Encrypted Communication Vulnerable
New research has claimed that the way in which popular messaging platform WhatsApp has implemented its end-to-end encryption protocol leaves it vulnerable to outsider attacks.

Russia Now Claims to be Target of Increasing Cyberattacks after US Hacking Allegations
Russian security officials are claiming that Moscow is being targeted by cyberattacks from around the world, in response to US accusations that Russia is ‘aggressively targeting’ information networks across Europe and the United States.

Paul Kubler, Digital Forensic Examiner at LIFARS will be xDedic the underground marketplace at the QuBit Conference. April 4-6 | Prague

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Corporate Legal Counsels Fret Over Cybersecurity

BDO Consulting survey shows in-house legal executives cite data breaches, cross-border data transfers, as risks with e-discovery.

Uptane Will Protect Your Connected Car From Hackers

Today's vehicles are highly computerized and increasingly connected. That means they're at greater and greater risk of being compromised by hackers.

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