Teenager Found Guilty for Hacking PSN and XBOX Live (and 50,700 other charges)

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Spyware Provider 'Hacking Team' Hacked
Italian surveillance software developers – Hacking Team have been infiltrated by hackers. The ex-filtration of data totaled to around 400 GB of data, which was then dumped publicly.

US Hosts Most Botnets Around the Globe
A recent research report shows that out of all the botnet servers in the world, the country with the most botnet traffic anywhere in the world is the United States.

8 Colleges Impacted in Harvard Data Breach
An IT systems breach which occurred in June has affected eight separate schools, revealed Harvard University recently. The breach was discovered in the university’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences department and its Central Administration’s systems.

Teenager Found Guilty of Hacking PSN and XBOX Live on 50,700 Charges
Several Finnish news outlets and international reports confirm that a teenager from Finland has been convicted of computer crimes in relation to a series of hacks targeting popular gaming networks.

Bitcoin Exchange Breach Results in $5.3 Million Theft
A leaked document from Bitstamp, a Bitcoin exchange, revealed details on how the company was hacked. Additional details show insight into the ways in which the cybercrime has since been investigated.

Hacking Team Says Terrorists Could Now Use Its Tools
Hacking Team, the recently breached security company which develops and sells surveillance tools primarily for governments, now claims that its technology is susceptible to being used by terrorists after a 400 GB data dump went public this Sunday, revealing source the code of its applications.

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Hacking Team's $175,000 Apple Store And Google Play Surveillance Apps Flirt With Illegality
Anyone browsing Apple’s App Store or Google Play should be careful about what they download. It might just be sophisticated, stealthy malware written by coders at “notorious” Italian surveillance company Hacking Team.

Don’t Be Fooled By Phony Online Reviews
The Internet is a fantastic resource for researching the reputation of companies with which you may wish to do business. Unfortunately, this same ease-of-use can lull the unwary into falling for marketing scams originally perfected by spammers: Namely, fake reviews and dodgy search engine manipulation techniques that seek to drown out legitimate, negative reviews in a sea of glowing but fake endorsements.

Risk Management with James Tarala
While most of us believe that risk management is a valuable tool for prioritizing resources and selecting controls, very few of us know what that means and even fewer of us are actually using it to create a security strategy for defense.

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8 penetration testing tools that will do the job | CSO Online

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