Fuel Incident Response with Threat Intelligence to Lower the Impact of a Data Breach

March 29th, Tuesday 2:00PM-3:00PM EDT

How Threat Intelligence Helps Incident Responders Reduce the Impact of Data Breaches

As we’ve all learned from recent incidents at large companies, a data breach can cause insurmountable damage that is difficult to rebound from. To effectively counteract cyber attacks, companies need to have a two-pronged approach that includes both targeted threat intelligence and expedient incident response (IR). In this webinar, Scott Donnelly of Recorded Future, will explain how threat intelligence can help secure your company, how to implement an intelligence strategy, and how a thorough threat intelligence program can reduce the risk of breaches.

Next, LIFARS CEO and Founder Ondrej Krehel will discuss how this intelligence spearheads an incident response and describe the process of investigation and evidence collection.

Key Takeaways

  • Threats Overview - How threats manifest in different ways on different layers of the Web
  • Threats Comparision - The difference between a hoax and a possible threat to companies, customers, or infrastructure
  • IR Process Speed up - How having the right threat intelligence will speed up in IR process and reduce the business impact of a data breach
  • Effective IR Steps - The steps of an effective IR and how having a proper incident response plan in place makes all the difference


  • Ondrej Krehel, Founder and CEO at LIFARS LLC
  • Scott Donnelly , Director of Technical Solutions at Recorder Future