Elite Technical Training

Whether you lead a Cybersecurity team, the IT department, an incident response team, or have simply have special technical training needs, you are aware that to stay ahead of the curve and to keep up with the latest trends and best practices, a continuous education is a must. Our experts have real-world experience on the front lines of the cyber battlefield and are ready to share the knowledge gathered with your team. With real-world scenarios and hands-on workshops, our training is engaging and interactive, delivering excellent results.


Engaging Environment

Research shows that employees are likely to remember through interactive learning methods. To increase the involvement of the audience, our training is designed to be highly engaging and feature workshops, live demonstrations, open discussions, and great trainers to create an interactive educative environment.

Real World Scenarios

The content of our training is based on real scenarios, often based on cases our team has been involved in. Our trainers are directly involved in real world data breach cases on regular basis and are able to provide information and experience obtained from the front lines of the ongoing cyberwar.protection.

Technical Depth

Our Technical Training is designed around the level technical understanding of the trainees. Given the extensive experience and background of our trainers, we are able to go deep into the subject of the training. Our training include complementary materials to help trainees to easily follow the training’s agenda and to use for future reference. It features all the necessary information.


Our training is flexible in scope, length, and content to suit the particular needs of our clients. Training can be half-day, full-day, or multiple-day long training; online or on-premises. We specialize in Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing, and are able to provide additional training upon request.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Elite Technical Security Training