User Awareness Training

95% of breaches involve human error as a contributing factor. Your employees often hold the key to executing a successful attack and hackers are well aware of that.

The use of social engineering techniques, including phishing, baiting, pretexting, and others has proven difficult to prevent, unless the victim is aware and remains vigilant. Education plays a major role in ensuring that your employees will be able to recognize an attempt to breach the security of your organization and prevent it. LIFARS’ tailor-made interactive security awareness training are a compelling way of educating your employees about the cyber threats awaiting them on the virtual battlefield.

LIFARS Employee Awareness Training

Engaging Environment

Research shows that employees are likely to remember through interactive learning methods. To increase the involvement of the audience, our training are designed to be highly engaging and the attendees are always encouraged to get involved.

Real World Scenarios

The content of our training is based on real scenarios, often based on cases our team has been involved in. Our trainers are directly involved in real world data breach cases on regular basis and are able to provide information and experience obtained from the front lines of the ongoing cyberwar.


Our Employee Awareness Training are designed with simplicity in mind. Our trainers assess the audience and adjust the meeting based on the feedback received from the audience. Our training always start with the basics and require no special prior knowledge.


Our training are flexible in scope, length, and content to suit the particular needs of your organization. Training can go deep into the subject, or provide just the essentials; they can be a full-day training, or an hour long; online or on-premises.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Employee Awareness Training