Digital Forensic Examiner’s Toolkit

Executing an effective Cybersecurity Incident Response can prove challenging – especially if your team lacks the tools necessary. MantOS, an open-source Linux distribution focused on Incident Response and Digital Forensics, contains all the tools needed to get the job done. The forensic examiner’s toolset is highly versatile and contains tools for network forensics, windows forensics, RAM forensics, and much more. Being open-source and community-based, the MantOS is constantly evolving and improving. New features are added, code is optimized, performance increased, and more. Give it a try and see for yourself.


Forensic Examiner’s Toolkit

MantOS is designed to be the go-to tool for forensic examiners and incident responders and features all the tools required to get the job done. Every tool has been selected by our Elite Incident Response team and the community. MantOS is what we use for investigations and we invite you to do the same. It’s Free!

Open-Source & Free

Linux-based MantOS is an open-source platform with transparent code. Users are invited to help us make MantOS even better by sharing improvement ideas and even contributing to the code itself. Visit us on GitHub to join the conversation and help us make MantOS the best Incident Response tool available, not to mention it’s completely free!

Static & Dynamic Forensics

To perform Incident Response effectively and diligently, responders need to analyze both, static and dynamic data. MantOS features capabilities to analyze data at rest and data in motion. This wide spectrum of capabilities, coupled with the ability to be deployed in minutes, makes it the only software tool needed to get the job done.

Premier Support

For corporate clients, LIFARS offers the paid Premier Support package featuring 24/7 support from our Elite Incident Response team. Our experts can provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of the Incident Response process and can help your team navigate the waters in uncharted territory, ensuring the threat is contained quickly and effectively. In case you want to be 100% sure that your organization is ready to handle cybersecurity incidents, take a look at our Incident Response Retainer solution.

Key Benefits

Ready to give it a try?

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