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Is your Server Compromised? Use our Free Tool to Find out.

  Have you been the unfortunate victim of a security breach? Do you fear the possibility of your company’s servers being compromised and controlled by an unknown malicious hacker? Worse,...

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Reveal of Hacked Servers Marketplace xDedic Throws up a Surprise

It was last week when security firm Kaspersky reported on an underground marketplaceĀ called xDedic, a platform for buying and selling access to compromised RDP servers. Some 70,000 hacked servers...

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xDedic, a Marketplace Where Hacked Servers go for Sale

The name ‘XDedic’ does not reveal much. What it is, however, is a low-profile marketplace where anyone can and choose and purchase over 70,000 hacked servers from around the internet. The...

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