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FTC Slaps $3.5 Million Fine on Lenovo for Superfish Adware

Laptop maker Lenovo has agreed to pay a $3.5 million fine for pre-installing adware on hundreds of thousands of laptops. Lenovo has been accused by the FTC of preinstalling adware called...

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‘Fireball’ Adware Installs Backdoor in a Quarter Billion PCs, say Researchers

Security researchers at Check Point have claimed that a single adware malware is infecting as many as 250 million PCs worldwide. Dubbed ‘Fireball’, the adware campaign is based on hijacking...

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Judy Malware May Have Affected 36.5 Million Android Devices

Researchers have discovered what could possibly be the “largest malware campaign found on Google Play”, a Korean auto-licking adware dubbed “Judy”. While the newest wave of malware doesn’t...

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