Threat Assessment Test

Businesses of all sizes are under constant attack by cybercriminals from around the globe. The adversaries are, however, getting increasingly more sophisticated and clever with their attacks. Would you know if hackers are on your network? The average time to discovery of compromise is 69 days and for targeted attacks it’s over 6 months. That’s too late.

By the time the hackers are detected, they have already obtained what they came for. With LIFARS Threat Assessment Test, ongoing compromises on the network are revealed and immediate action can be taken to contain and remediate the threat. LIFARS analyzes your environment and installs a next-generation APT defense technology to help reveal even the most advanced threats plaguing your network.

LIFARS Threat Assessment Test

Detect Advanced Threats

LIFARS uses in-house methodology based on our extensive experience with responding to and investigating data breaches – across a spectrum of industries and businesses of all sizes. In conjunction with next generation APT detection technology, LIFARS is able to deliver unsurpassed detection rates.

No False Positives

Only real threats are reported. LIFARS experts manually evaluate each potential incident to determine whether the threat is real and assesses its severity. You will receive a report indicating real threats without false positives, allowing your time and resources to be used on more important matters.

Expert Guidance

If threats are identified, LIFARS will provide expert support throughout the entire Incident Response lifecycle. Our Elite Incident Response team has responded to breaches of all types and sizes, from minor intrusions to high-profile data breaches and our team as among the best in the industry.

Reveal Weak Spots

As our team conducts the Threat Assessment Test, we perform an in-depth analysis of your environment and reveal any security gaps present in the process. Upon completion, LIFARS will deliver a report outlining the gaps revealed along with recommendations to mitigate the risks. Prevention is better than cure and this holds especially true in information security.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Threat Assessment Test

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