Secure Code Review

Reduce overall development costs by identifying and eliminating security gaps within an application while still under development.

An application is as secure as its weakest link in code, that’s why starting early and removing code errors before they turn into security risks will be rewarded by lower software maintenance costs. Security should be at the core of any application development process, securing the code arguably brings the most security benefits compared to other activities.

LIFARS Secure Code Review

Use of Recognized Frameworks

LIFARS’ Secure Code Review methodology adheres to recognized and well-respected industry frameworks, including OWASP Software Security Assurance Process (OSSAP), ITIL Version 3 Service Lifecycle for Application Support, ISO/IEC 27034, NIST SP 800-37/64, and others.

Automated & Manual Scans

Our Secure Code Review process is composed of two parts: automated and manual code reviews. We select the best automated tool, optimize the configuration, and deploy the tool to scan for security vulnerabilities in the static source code. Manual code review follows – our experts review the source code and evaluate the findings for validity.

Meaningful Results

Upon completion the review, LIFARS experts analyze each finding and assign a risk level to each vulnerability discovered, along with the potential impact on your organization. For each vulnerability discovered, our experts also provide the best way to remediate the vulnerability in question. Based on these results, the project lead can make an informed decision about the next steps.

Software Development Life Cycle Review

LIFARS evaluates your development team’s Software Development Life Cycle for security programming best practices. If the SDLC is missing or incomplete, we will design custom SDLC for your organization while addressing the security needs of your company. This ensures good security standard going forward.

Advanced Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling has become an essential part of the SDLC and ensures that applications under development have security built-in from the beginning. It helps to understand the specific threats an application will face and implement defensive measures. LIFARS develops proactive Threat Models that use the attacker’s viewpoint to assess threats and documents each step.

Unsurpassed Experience

Our Application Security is comprised of seasoned experts with decades of experience in Secure Coding, Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assessments. Our team has worked on a number of high-profile cases and is regarded as one of industry’s best.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Secure Code Review