DDoS Security Assessment & Protection

DDoS attacks are increasing in size (up to 800 Gbps), frequency (every 6 seconds) and complexity (a dynamic combination of volumetric, TCP state exhaustion and application-layer attack vectors).

LIFARS & Arbor Networks premiere a first-class DDoS Assessment & Security Solution designed to strengthen your cybersecurity integrity. Our combined solution consists of a hybrid multi-layer approach that takes into account the multiple variety types of DDoS target attacks. Our remediation efforts are a unique blend of intelligent communication between the 2 layers backed by up-to-date threat intelligence to stop dynamic, multi-vector DDoS attacks.

LIFARS DDoS Security Assessment & Arbor Protection Solution

DDoS Attack Simulation

Our LIFARS’ team of cyber security forensics experts, can implement simulations of multi-vector DDoS. These techniques are used by sophisticated adversaries to attempt taking your organization offline. Through a host of attacking mechanisms and activations, your organizations current DDoS defense plan will be fully tested.

Improve Defensive Posture

After completing an attack simulation, LIFARS will develop a report detailing the issues detected and steps to fix them, while preparing the environment for the installation of Arbor Networks DDos Protection Solution. If a serious issue is revealed by the LIFARS assessment, our team will help implement measures to resolve it and increase your company’s overall security posture.

Post-Installation Assessment

Our combined team will carry out a follow-up security assessment to ensure that LIFARS & Arbor’s DDoS Protection is installed properly and is functioning optimally.

Layered, Fully Integrated Protection

Arbor’s fully integrated in-cloud and on premise DDos protection products and services provide comprehensive protection from modern-day DDoS attacks.

Customizable For Any Organization

From on premise appliances and virtual machines to network-embedded solutions within Cisco’s ASR 9000 routers to a suite of fully managed hybrid and cloud services, Arbor Networks’ DDoS Protection meets the deployment, scalability and budgetary needs of any organization.

LIFARS DDoS Assessment Solution Powered by Arbor

Arbor Networks is an undisputed leader in DDoS attack protect on solutions. From research to product innovation to thought leadership, Arbor defines the leading edge of network security. Arbor’s DDoS Protection Solutions are trusted by a majority of the world’s Internet Service Providers and many of the largest Enterprises.


Key Benefits of Having LIFARS on Your Side