Compromise Assessment Test

Our specially-trained experts will simulate a real sniper-style targeted attack on your organization. Our tests consist of real vulnerability exploitation, forging emails with deadly Word and PDF documents or links, and testing your incident response/data breach plan.

This holistic approach gives organizations a real idea of how a compromise may take place and the potential impact it can have on your organization. In doing so, you will be prepared for a real attack and have an idea of which gaps to close and what areas need improvement.

LIFARS Compromise Assessment Test

Real Attack Simulation

Scenario-based Data Breach Simulation assesses breach readiness and the strength of your current defenses, while highlighting their weaknesses. These scenarios are based on real threats and will put the existing environment to the test.

Tailored Attack Plans

Our expert team designs custom simulated attacks and uses specialized tool sets to target an organization in the same way hackers do. With real attacks being utilized, you can accurately gauge your company’s cyber security maturity level.

Military-Style Campaigns

LIFARS deploys highly targeted, precision campaigns that are used to discover all security gaps that have the potential to be exploited. Our expert tacticians use advanced probing techniques to find weak spots that would serve as entry points. Leveraging our unique blend of advanced tools and experience helps reveal gaps that are often overlooked or underestimated. 

Assess Staff Readiness

Our Compromise Assessment Test provides a unique opportunity to determine staff readiness in the event of an emergency. The worst time to discover that your team is unprepared is during a real data breach. Following the assessment, LIFARS will provide steps to focus on to ensure optimal incident response.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Compromise Assessment Test