Compliance Advisory Service

Navigating the information compliance space is a challenge even for seasoned IT Security Executives and Senior Management.

Protecting your clients’ data and personally identifiable information (PII) is a top priority for every business. Our team understands that and is ready to guide and provide advice on every step of the way. We ensure that your organization is meeting the regulatory requirements, while properly protecting company data assets.

LIFARS Compliance Advisory

Expert Knowledge

Our elite team has provided Incident Response to hundreds of data breaches and knows the common vulnerable spots within organizations’ systems. This allows us to give our clients unsurpassed insights and advice on how to best prepare for a compliance audit, while maximizing the protection of critical assets. Our team has advised a number of Fortune 2000 companies to successfully meeting and exceeding the regulatory standards.


IT Security budgets are limited and the demands are ever-increasing, that is why we try to leverage existing technology investments as much as possible. Often, companies are unknowingly over-spending on new technology to meet compliance requirements. We help maximize the use of current technology and propose the best new technology solutions for your particular environment – not the most expensive.

Tactical Approach

It’s not enough to just buy new technology to reach a goal. While today’s technology has matured over the years, it’s not plug-and-play and requires extensive knowledge and strategic planning when obtaining and implementing it. We create a tactical roadmap for the project with a specific order of implementation of technology to ensure a smooth transition.

Wide Scope

LIFARS provides compliance advisory for various industry standards, including ISO 27001/27002, PCI DSS, ITIL, NIST, and others, as well as regulatory compliance. With an ever-changing legislation on state and federal level, there is an increasing level of accountability and meeting the requirements for your industry is vital to operating a successful business.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Compliance Advisory