Web Application & Database Services

Web Application Security Assessment, Secure Database Design, and Penetration Testing are gaining a more significant role in today’s super connected online business.

OWASP provides an excellent resource to assess your web application for known vulnerabilities. Most common security risks include Injection Flaws (such as SQL Injection), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities, broken authentication, session management, insecure direct object references, non-sanitized input, un-validated redirects and forwards, insecure cryptographic storage and PKI implementation, and insufficient transport layer protection.

LIFARS Web Application & Database Services

In-person Testing

Web Application Vulnerability and Penetration Testing is an attempt to break into your web application or environment using our advanced tools and techniques. Our experience and in-person testing gives an edge over more automated or remote testing as we can also leverage Social Engineering and work with the internal team on remediation.

Full-Scope Analysis

Threat Modeling and Attack Surface Analysis is a review of every possible entry door into your application, which can give an accurate picture of what threat agents an organization is facing and how to set up effective defenses. This can also provide a good understanding of the current security posture allowing for weak spots to be detected.

Advanced Protection

Deployment of Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) with rules and policies setup, alerts and logging intelligence behavior tuning provides a secure fence for the application, databases, and other public-facing assets involved. Our team is skilled at creating an advanced, custom filter to protect the systems behind the WAF.

Sensitive Data Protection

Database Normalization and Security is key to securing your stored sensitive content where customer or company data resides. Database security is key to preventing large scale breaches, as they are common targets for malicious attackers seeking PII and PCI information.

Oriented on your Environment

Managed Threat Intelligence and Response provides our own custom solution to gather intelligence from your cyber-sources and extract content that can be reviewed by your professional security staff. We can also manage cyber-elements, and provide our opinion and industry expertise on events in your environment.

Overall Strategy Assessment

Digital Risk Assessment Services analyzes gaps and tailors services to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity defense strategy. This includes testing the security maturity level of your enterprise by reviewing compliance requirements such as ISO 270001, SSAE 16, BITS, SEC Cybersecurity Review, or technical engagements in Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessments.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Web Application & Database Security

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