Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting is one of the best approaches to investigate potential compromises, detect advanced threats, and improve cyber defenses. It is a thorough process that combines the use of human talent and engineering to seek Indicators of Compromise (IOC) in the client environment.

LIFARS Threat Intelligence analysts familiarize themselves with an organization’s environment and effectively filter out key events that need closer examination.

LIFARS Threat Hunting

Endpoint Threat Hunting

LIFARS endpoint threat hunting is a methodology designed to detect and alert if your company’s security and confidentiality are compromised. LIFARS’ team can access relevant information swiftly to protect companies from potential incidents and integrate with existing advanced persistent threat detection solutions to capture endpoint snapshots. Our team validates the visibility potential of compromise indicators and potential threats, searches other endpoints for the same threat, and remediates the issue leveraging Endpoint Security clean up methodology.

Networks Threat Hunting

LIFARS network threat hunting analyzes network activities, such as packet captures and network flow, network IDS/IPS alerts, and network device logs. Indicators of compromise can be examined parallel to network streams, including full reconstruction of sessions and examination. It’s easy for firms to disregard monitoring potential threat vectors where the most insidious, long-term damage may be percolating. LIFARS expert team will analyze and examine network anomalies in protocols and contextual capture. Volumetric statistical analysis will focus on examining four key network features: the number and initiation (TCP SYN) of outbound network connections, the duration of connections, the amount of data exchanged, and the frequency of connections.

Threat Intelligence & Deep Dark Web Search

LIFARS threat intelligence helps your organization identify an ongoing cyberattack. Our analysts familiarize themselves with a company’s environment and effectively filter out key events that need closer examination. Optimization of threat intelligence in the daily mirage of events can dramatically increase the overall effectiveness and allow an SOC team to focus on important tasks and real malicious incidents. Our threat intelligence ensures a comprehensive evaluation of your business security. LIFARS also monitors the Deep Dark Web where a companies’ data can easily be exposed. Our team will detect leaks, mitigate the damage, and quickly resolve the matter. 

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