CISO as a Service

Emerging enterprises are now recognizing the business-driven need to secure company digital assets. Working with limited resources and under pressure, security proves difficult to achieve for most organizations.

CISO as a Service from LIFARS helps organizations assess, design, and execute an effective holistic cybersecurity plan that enables company business objectives. Our experts will oversee all of the cybersecurity operations while minimizing costs – with no compromises in quality. This solution is optimal for organizations that currently lack the high-quality human resources necessary to protect the organization and for companies in transitional stages.

LIFARS CISO as a Service

Extensive Experience

With LIFARS CISO as a Service, you can rest assured that your cybersecurity operations are handled by seasoned experts. Our team builds on knowledge accumulated over decades and from a diverse set of environments. This gives us better understanding of how to design security infrastructure and plans that deliver on the promise of security.

Enabling Business

Cybersecurity no longer hides in the shadows. It is now found on the top of the business agenda. CISO’s role is to align business objectives with security goals. With strategic and systematic implementation of security measures, LIFARS will ensure the security of your data without interrupting your operations.

Flexible Plans

For many organizations, the costs associated with a dedicated CISO are prohibitive. With LIFARS CISO as a Service, our highly flexible plans are tailored to fit around your needs, vastly reducing costs. Our experts will work with your leadership to design the best action plan and follow through with execution.

Holistic Cybersecurity

LIFARS is able to utilize the knowledge of multiple experts in various areas and providing a true holistic coverage of all aspects of information security. From risk assessments to compliance, incident response, penetration testing, security trainings, and more – LIFARS has an expert that specializes in that area and will deliver better results than a single dedicated CISO.

Key Benefits of LIFARS CISO as a Service

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