Incident Response Retainer

The age old saying that time equals money holds more true than ever when it comes to data breaches and cyber attacks. Surveys prove a direct correlation between the time it takes to remediate the infection and the costs associated with the attack.

LIFARS’ Incident Response Retainer eliminates uncertainty when responding to a breach and provides a highly skilled elite Incident Response team at your service with unmatched SLA-based response times, decades of experience, and an excellent track record.

LIFARS Incident Response Retainer

Strategic Incident Response Plan

In time of emergency, it’s all about speed and accuracy in execution. An IR retainer from LIFARS guarantees a near-instant response with record breaking turnaround time. Security incidents happen, but the impact on business can be dramatically reduced with a rapid and precise response.

Established Partnership with an Expert Team

Create a holistic Incident Management strategy with a detailed Incident Response plan that ensures your corporate brand integrity stays in tact in the event of any cyberattack. With our IR Retainer, we will map out a step-by-step program together that is tailored to your organizational needs and objectives.

Premier Response Time

When a cyberattack strikes, time is money. One of the main perks of an IR Retainer is an assigned response time that is crafted specifically for your organization, broken down by location with remote assistance included. This means we guarantee “feet on the street” as needed—the emergency team will indeed parachute to your doorstep when you need us the most.

Calculated Budget for the Inevitable

Think it’s tough to capture budget before a data breach occurs? We get it, but what happens after the fact? The longstanding scramble for large sums of unplanned cashflow to remediate damages that could have been prevented is not worth the wait, or the internal argument that often ensues. Prepare for the worst with budgeted hours assigned to incident response before it’s too late.

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