Incident Response Retainer

Enlist an Elite Emergency Response Team Optimized to Minimize the Effects of a Breach on your Firm

Breaches have become an everyday occurrence around the world. Today there is no surprise considering the ability of your adversaries potential to attain access to weapons that elite Nation States develop and utilize for their covert missions. Surveys prove a direct correlation between the time to remediate the infection and the costs associated with the attack. Your internal Incident Response Team will be highly disadvantaged when facing these threats without an elite team of Subject Matter Experts backing your mission on a global 24/7 basis.

LIFARS Incident Response Retainer

Graphic of the 5 phases of IR. Incident Discovery, Response & Containment, Investigation, Remediation, and Prevention.A LIFARS Incident Response Retainer is different than what you may have been accustomed to. We eliminate uncertainty when responding to a breach and provide a highly skilled elite Incident Response team at your service with unmatched SLA-based response times, decades of experience and a formidable track record. Our foundation and methodology are built from the ground up with over 20 years of Digital Forensic engagements for some of the most high-profile events around the world and this ensures that when we respond you are not let down at the most critical time with engineers that are learning on the job at your expense and with minimal alignment to your overall mission. LIFARS enriches our engagements with intelligence concerning advanced hackers Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, TTPs and Indicators of Compromise, IOCs that are not available to every provider of Incident Response and we further enrich engagements with our unique skillset including our unique ability to conduct complex memory carving of IOCs, which is the most frequent attack vector for your adversaries to go undetected. Our expertise includes nation state, criminal, and ransomware matters often in coordination with law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world including FBI, US SS, Europol, Interpol and others. We are also a preferred provider for various Cyber Insurance Panels.


Optimize Your Organization With A Strategic Incident Response Plan To Protect Your Brand

In time of an emergency, it’s all about speed and accuracy in execution. An Incident Response Retainer from LIFARS guarantees a tailored and rapid response in accordance to the agreed SLA. We partner with you in accessing your existing IR readiness, aligning with your people, processes and strategy to know what we previously didn’t know and be in the strongest position to protect your brand and mission. We are experts in providing advisory, remediation and tuning for this stage and beyond and we also strongly encourage advanced Penetration Testing via our NATO Cyber Offensive Certified Engineers as well as custom delivered Executive and Technical Tabletop Exercises to bolster your internal cyber crisis playbooks across your firm.


Premiere Response Time During Incident Occurrences

When a cyberattack strikes, time is money. One of the main perks of an Incident Response Retainer is a fixed response time that is crafted specifically for your organization, broken down by location with remote assistance included. This means we guarantee “troops on the ground” as needed—the emergency team will indeed parachute to your doorstep when you need us the most.


Calculated Budget for the Inevitable

Think it’s tough to capture budget before a data breach occurs? We get it, but what happens after the fact? The longstanding scramble for large sums of unplanned cash flow to remediate damages that could have been prevented is not worth the wait, or the internal argument that often ensues. Prepare for the worst with budgeted hours assigned to incident response before it’s too late.


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