Data Breach Response

The Internet makes it possible for cybercriminals from across the globe to attack your organization, with potentially very damaging consequences even with robust security controls in place. Handling a data breach correctly is no easy task. The enemy has a larger army and to defend your ground when under attack, let us help.

The LIFARS Elite Incident Response team has decades of experience and knows how to handle data breaches and emergency situations with military precision throughout the entire lifecycle. Our team is always ready to report on the progress and give recommendations for the best course of action with business continuity in mind.

LIFARS Data Breach Response

Rapid Response

In time of emergency, it’s all about speed and accuracy in execution. An IR retainer from LIFARS guarantees a near-instant response with record breaking turnaround time. Security incidents happen, but the impact on business can be dramatically reduced with a rapid and precise response.

Military Precision

Our specialized Incident Response and Management team has worked on a variety of cases ranging from minor intrusions to high-profile, multinational security breaches and possesses the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to execute in critical situations. Striking with military precision, our team identifies and contains the threat upon arrival, and prevents further “cyber-bleeding”.

Consummate Investigation

As a natural extension of your staff, LIFARS experts guide you hand-in-hand through the entire process of Incident Response with poised, streamlined communications throughout our in-depth investigation, where we help you answer the important questions your CEO is asking: “How, When, Why, and What are the ultimate damages affecting the business?”

Recovery and Post-Incident Reporting

Upon containing the immediate threat, our elite Incident Response and Management team will work with internal IT teams to undergo a complete infection removal process to ensure a thorough and diligent threat eradication – this will ensure that the infection will not return days or weeks later to cause more damage. LIFARS’ Incident Response lifecycle concludes with a report listing, by priority, the recommended actions to elevate security and prevent similar attacks in the future.

Key Benefits of Having LIFARS on Your Side

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