Digital Forensics

Containing a threat is the first step in the Incident Response life-cycle, but gathering information and evidence to pursue legal action typically follows immediately afterwards. Our Digital Forensic experts specialize in getting to the bottom of every case they work on.

Diligent collection and analysis helps provide court-admissible evidence that will aid your company or the law enforcement in court proceedings. In addition, our Digital Forensics team provides malware analysis, reverse engineering, and sandbox testing services to analyze and dissect malware samples collected.

LIFARS Digital Forensics

Seasoned Investigators

Our team has conducted a large number of high-profile incident response investigations, including analysis of advanced malware engineered by sophisticated state-sponsored attackers. Our digital forensics lab and client-centric team offers a tailored solution for your digital forensic requirements.

Court-Admissible Evidence

We ensure the availability and guarantee the authenticity of data and information for law enforcement investigations. This process establishes a chain of custody and guarantees a proper crime scene processing. The evidence provided by our team is always admissible in court.

Expert Witness

Our expert testimonies have played an key role in a wide range of criminal cases involving a digital element, including organized cybercrime, online money laundering schemes, cyberstalking, data breach litigations, digital extortion, and more.

Malware Analysis

Malware analysis provides a window into the mechanics of the cyberattack itself. Our team conducts both – a static analysis, where all components of the malware are dissected and analyzed to understand the attack and help eliminate the infection effectively, and a dynamic analysis that examines the behavior of the malware in question.

Key Benefits of LIFARS Digital Forensics

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