Hacking as a Service Case Study

A global money transfer organization with presence in over 100 countries and over 300,000 payment points suffered losses in excess of $5 million annually due to an easy-to-carry out type of cyberattack. With many challenges along the way, our team was able to identify, remediate, and implement prevention solutions that avoided further losses. This case study presents you with real numbers that should serve as a wake up call to any organizations falsely believing that a successful cyberattack can only be carried out by professional hackers. From the executive summary, through challenges and their resolution, this document examines a scenario where major losses were incurred by amateur cybercriminals.

You could be next.

In this case study you will learn:

  • How major losses can be incurred by amateur cybercriminals
  • The challenges and obstacles experienced along the way
  • How LIFARS was able to quickly respond and stop further attacks
  • How our team was able to save the client over $4.5 million annually
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