Privacy + Security Forum

October 4-6th, starts at Wednesday, 7:30AM

Privacy + Security Forum is a unique event that breaks down the silos between privacy and security, and is carefully designed so sessions have rigor and participants really learn.

Date: October 4th, 2017 through October 6th, 2017

Location: The Marvin Center, 800 21st Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20052

The Forum supplies valuable material for beginners, experienced professionals and very seasoned professionals who desire to improve their knowledge of privacy and security. They will have different sessions for different types of participants, ensuring a match to the participants expectations.

Each session will be assigned a level

  • Level 101 is for foundational knowledge
  • Level 201 is for experienced professionals, exploring topics with more depth
  • Level 301 is for seasoned professional who want to explore issues in an advanced way

Participants are eligible to receive CLE credits with most state bars and CPE credit with IAPP and (ISC)2. More information on how to on Privacy + Security Forum’s website

Ondrej Krehel

Founder and CEO at LIFARS LLC

Panel Discussion on Ransomware: Legal Implication

Date: October 6, 2017

Cyber extortion has reached new proportions, including six-figure ransomware payments. Considering the payoff, cybersecurity experts expect these attacks to only increase. This session will explore the legal implications of a ransomware attack for sectors such as healthcare, financial, and others. Issues include OCR’s proposal of treating a ransomware attack as a data breach, as well as practical advice for how to deal with various matters that emerge as a result of an attack. Forensic legal challenges, such as possession of other victim’s data on compromised system will be also part of the discussion.

Other Speakers:

Eduard Goodman, Chief Privacy Officer, CyberScout
Kent Sinclair, Founder, Sinclair Law LLC