U.S. Secret Service NYFO - Fraud Seminar

March 15-16th, starts at Wednesday, 8:30AM | New York, NY

The U.S. Secret Service NYFO is hosting a Fraud Seminar in New York City. For two days, experts in the industry will discuss current trends, investigative initiatives, cybersecurity, and more. Topics of discussion will include: Working with Law Enforcement, Investigative Assistance, Invesitgative Abilities, Credit Monitoring/Security, Cyber Security, Social Networking/Engineering.

Guest Speakers will include:  

Chase (Bobby Perry), FinCen (Barbara Duffy) Square.com (Megan Bradey) Eric Shredel (US Probation & Parole), Uber (Wade Stormer), Consumer Direct, Inc. (Steve Reger), T&M Security (Damian Schwartz), Delitor (Glenn Devitt), LIFARS(Ondrej Krehel).


Ondrej Krehel

Founder and CEO at LIFARS LLC

The Era of Cyber Extortion and Ransomware