Sungard AS presents

February 15th, Wednesday 11:30AM

Incidents of cybercrime are on the rise. In fact, according to the FBI, the perfection of the ransomware business model, in particular, has created a gold-rush mentality among attackers. With a reported 300% increase in ransomware attacks in 2016, to an average of 4,000 attacks a day and estimated cost of $1B,*. The threat has caught the attention of boardrooms across the globe.

Join Dell EMC and Sungard Availability Services as FBI industry insider Jeff Lanza talks about the war against cyber-criminals, the very real threat of ransomware attacks, and the technologies that can help your business withstand an attack.  Ondej Krehel's presentation will present tools and strategies needed for elevating your cyber resilience.


Ondrej Krehel

Founder and CEO at LIFARS LLC

The Era of Cyber Extortion and Ransomware

Cyber extortion has reached new proportions, including six-figure ransomware payments. Considering the payoff, cybersecurity experts expect these attacks to only increase. But stories made public provide limited knowledge of initial attack vector or details. This session presents real cases of cyber extortion on corporate and high net worth individuals, including hacking techniques for full network compromise and deployment of ransomware kits. Many of the cases discussed are currently under investigation by the FBI and Secret Service. Attendees will walk away from this session with knowledge of the tools and strategies needed for elevating their cyber resilience.



  • Introduction, Sungard AS
  • Presentation, Jeff Lanza, Retired FBI Special Agent
  • Presentation, Ondrej Krehel, CISSP, CEH, CEI, EnCE
  • Q&A and Closing Remarks, Dell EMC and Sungard AS
  • Lunch will be served