IANS Toronto Information Security Forum

May 16-17th, starts at Tuesday, 7:30AM

IANS Toronto Information Security Forum offers technical and leadership sessions all delivered by IANS faculty of world-renowned security experts. Attendance to the Forum is complimentary and open to information security professionals from private and public sector organizations. 

Ondrej Krehel

Founder and CEO at LIFARS LLC

3 Different Sessions on Threat Hunting and IR plans

Effective Threat-Hunting Tactics and Toolkits (70-minute Session)- No matter how strong your defenses, there’s a good chance the bad guys are already in your network, siphoning away critical data and eluding detection. When traditional SIEM and legacy security technologies let you down, threat hunting gets you back in the game with a tried-and-true strategy for rooting out attackers and uncovering slow, stealthy malware already at work on your systems. In this session, we’ll detail effective threat-hunting tools and tactics, and show you what it takes to deploy successful hunt teams.

Getting the Most from Your Threat Intelligence (70-minute Session)- We’ve been talking about threat intelligence for years now. What’s really been effective in detecting and preventing attacks and breaches? What standards are emerging or commonly accepted? Are there any vendor feeds that really help? In this session, we’ll focus on practical ways to improve your threat intelligence capabilities, ranging from feed selection to internal data capture and analysis, as well as tools that help teams better manage threat intelligence functions.

Bringing IR Plans to Life with Realistic Tabletops (120-Minute Session) - When designed correctly, tabletop exercises can help determine how well your people, processes and technologies are prepared for an incident – and improve that preparation over time. In this session, we’ll review the elements of an effective IR tabletop (from the structure to critical participants), and dive into interactive, scenario-based exercises to help you determine how well prepared you are for an attack. 

Topic: Threat Hunting, Incident Response Plan