July 17, 2017

$53 Billion: Global Cyberattack Could be as Costly as Hurricane Sandy

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Hackers Find a New Way to Attack Nuclear Plants: Template Injection

Hackers have leveraged phishing, a long successful method to execute cyberattacks, with a template file over an SMB connection to discreetly harvest the victim’s credentials. Security researchers at Talos Intelligence…

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Security Researchers Crack GnuPG Crypto Library’s 1024-bit RSA Encryption

Researchers have uncovered a critical vulnerability in a GnuPG cryptographic library, enabling them to completely bypass the inherent RSA-1024 encryption and extract the decryption RSA key. Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG…

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Plugin Leaves 300,000 WordPress Websites Vulnerable to SQL Injection Attack

Security researchers have discovered a flaw in WP Statistics, a tremendously popular WordPress plugin used in over 300,00 websites, enabling hackers to plausibly steal databases and even remotely hijack the…

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Hackers Sell Patient Records of “any Australian” on the Darknet for $22 Each

A trader on the darknet is illegally selling the Medicare patient records of Australians after spotting a vulnerability in a government database. An investigation by Guardian Australia has revealed a…

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Software Firm at the Center of Ransomware Storm Will Face Charges

A Ukrainian tax software company at the center of the recent NotPetya global ransomware epidemic is currently under investigation by Ukrainian authorities and will face charges. “They knew about it,”…

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Ukraine’s Security Service Blames Russia for Petya Cyberattack

Ukraine’s security service has claimed it has obtained proof that its Russian counterpart was involved in the cyber-attack. On Saturday, Ukraine’s state security service (SBU) claimed that Russian security forces…

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Ransomware Woes Sees India Force Microsoft for Cut-Price Upgrade Deal

Following last month’s unprecedented cyberattack led by the WannaCry ransomware, India has reportedly pressed Microsoft to offer a significant one-time discount deal for over 50 million Windows users to upgrade…

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Millions of User Account Details Stolen in Internet Radio 8Tracks Breach

Millions of users’ accounts at popular internet radio service 8tracks have been stolen by malicious hackers who are selling the data in underground forums. Hackers have stolen account details from…

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Petya Ransomware Hits the United States

Petya, the sweeping ransomware cyberattack that struck companies and government offices across Europe has now struck establishments in the United States. US hospitals, pharma giant Merck and Oreo are only…

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