March 19, 2018

Data Theft and Departing Employees – Why it Matters (Part 2)

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1.7Tbps: Internet Registers its Biggest DDoS Attack Ever

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigatory and network security company has confirmed a new record-breaking DDoS attack, clocking a bandwidth of 1.7 terabytes per second. Arbor networks has…

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Equifax’s Major 2017 Data Breach Nears 150 Million Victims

The massive data breach of consumer credit reporting giant Equifax gets worse as an additional 2.4 million customers are now revealed to be impacted by the breach. The ongoing investigation…

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Marine Forces Reserve Data Breach Impacts 21,000 Victims

A major data spill stemming from the US Marine Corps Forces Reserve has impacted the personal information, including bank details, of thousands of Marines, sailors and civilians. An attachment in…

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Free Decryption Tool Brings Respite to Victims of Aggressive Ransomware

A new and unusual family of ransomware has met its match after a ransomware tool backed by Europol turned into freeware. GandGrab, a ransomware that first appeared in January and…

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Ransomware is ‘Modern-Day Extortion’, Says McAfee CEO

The chief executive of cybersecurity firm McAfee has labelled ransomware as the modern day answer to extortion. Speaking to CNBC, McAfee chief executive Christopher D. Young told CNBC: It is…

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Ransomware Forces Colorado Transport Dep to Shut Down 2,000 Computers

The Colorado Department of Transportation (DOT) has shut down over 2,000 computers after being struck by a strain of ransomware titled SamSam. Following a ransomware attack last week, the CDOT…

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Hackers Stole $6 Million From Russian Bank via SWIFT System

Russia’s central bank has revealed a cyberheist wherein unknown hackers stole nearly 340 million roubles (approx. $6 million) from an unnamed Russian bank last year. In a report on digital…

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Fake SWIFT Service Emails Delivers Adwind Remote Access Trojan

An email phishing campaign has attempted to infect unsuspecting victims with the Adwind cross-platform remote access trojan (RAT) purporting to be an important document from the SWIFT financial messaging system….

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Tesla’s Cloud Account Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

Tesla’s cloud environment has been exploited by hackers who used the computational power to mine cryptocurrencies and some sensitive data belonging to the electric car maker. First discovered by RedLock…

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