April 17, 2017

Twitter Turns on Support for Two-Factor Authentication Apps

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The Effects of Ransomware on Small and Midsize Businesses

A recent surge of Ransomware attacks on Small to Midsize businesses has caused many enterprises to re-evaluate their disaster recovery and security strategies. The reason these organizations have become a…

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German Minister Wants Rules to Attack Foreign Hackers

Germany’s interior minister is seeking international rules to allow nations to target and attack foreign hackers Germany’s interior minister is urging for legislation allowing nations to attack foreign hackers legally…

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Phishing Scams and How to Avoid Them

Phishing attacks have become a common occurrence, targeting both individuals and companies. This social engineering tactic used by cybercriminals, takes advantage of human interaction to gather information about a person,…

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Nearly 50% of Americans Change Passwords Post 2016 Elections Hack

 A poll has shown that a significant number of American are making changes to their online habits to protect their privacy after last year’s hacks of the Democratic Party. It…

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Scott Schlimmer on Cybersecurity Training Program

Scott Schlimmer is an award winning former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer who now runs Schlimmer Intelligence Consulting, specializing in training, analysis, and cyber security. Mr. Schlimmer served seven years with…

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Chinese Hackers Target Major US Trade Group

Researchers have claimed that a sophisticated state-sponsored Chinese hacking group broke into the website of a private U.S. trade group that sees some of America’s biggest companies as members. Ahead…

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Brazilian Hackers Pulled off Sweeping Compromise of Bank’s 36 Domains

An unprecedented compromise of a Brazilian bank’s operations has been discovered by security researchers, with all 36 domains including DNS and corporate email under the control of attackers. Security engineers…

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Researchers Discover Android Variant of Dreaded iOS Spyware Pegasus

The infamous Pegasus malware, a strain of spyware that is known to target iOS devices now has a cousin in Chrysaor, an Android variant that can steal and compromise the…

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Hacked New York Post Sends out ‘Heil President’ Push Alert

The New York Post app has apologized after sending compromised push notifications to subscribers, one of which read “Heil President Donald Trump.” The New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s…

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