March 12, 2018

Cryptocurrency Exchange Offers $250,000 Hacker Bounty

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Are Three National Credit Reporting Agencies Enough?

After the Anthem breach, identity theft cases will skyrocket. Is it enough to report an ID theft to the three major credit reporting agencies enough?

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Are Mac Users Living with a False Sense of Security?

Owners of Macs often believe that they are less vulnerable when it comes to cyber threats such as malware and viruses. But is that really still the case?

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How to Defend Your Business Against Social Engineering Scams

Keeping organizations, as well as individuals, safe from the many socially engineered threats out there surely isn’t an easy task. We will walk you through the proper steps to take when it comes to phishing attacks containing ransomware as these are becoming ever more common.

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Security of Your Network Depends on How Well You Know It

Do you know the answer to one of the most important questions about your network? What is on…

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Google Rewards Secure Users with Free Storage – Get Yours!

Google has prepared reward for secure users who complete its security check up with free storage and safer accounts.

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Why Security Researcher Leaked 10 Million Usernames and Passwords

What are the reasons behind Mark Burnett’s decision to risk his freedom by sharing millions of password/username combinations?

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Clues Suggest Anthem’s 80 Mil. Records Stolen by the Chinese

The few-months long period without a major data breach has ended with Anthem’s massive hack, where 80 million records were exposed. Chinese state-sponsored actors are prime suspects.

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Weird Security Term of the Week: "Social Engineering"

We hear “social engineering” frequently these days, but what does it mean exactly, what forms can it take, and what should you look out for?

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An Introduction to Sed Stream Editor

For most people, sed is one of those tools in your proverbial *nix shed that you see but never really get around to using. The reasons vary, but usually it’s a failure to recognize the usefulness that leaves sed behind. Let’s dust off the cobwebs and start doing some basic work with this awesome utility!

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