September 18, 2017

2.3 Million Infected: Hackers Insert Malware into Popular PC Freeware CCleaner

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How Google’s DoubleClick Ads Infected Millions with Malware

Millions affected in Google-distributed malware.

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A New Study Finds That 72% of Businesses Do Not Trust That Cloud Providers Comply with Data Protection Laws

A new study, published by Netskope and Ponemon Institute, finds that 7 out of 10 European businesses do not trust cloud companies

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Small Businesses: The New Target For Cyber-Criminals

An emerging trend in cyber-crime: targeting small businesses.

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Enabling 2-Step Verification for Your Gmail Account

In the midst of the latest large-scale scare, many users wonder how they can stay safe in this increasingly more unsafe online world.

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Security Concerns Over Apple’s New Apple Pay Service

Apple’s new service, Apple Pay, has a number of users concerned about its security.

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Home Depot Targeted in a Recent Cyber-Attack

Millions of credit card numbers might have been stolen in this recent Home Depot attack.

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Hackers Vs. Governments

Is hacktivism good or evil? Watch the film and decide yourself.

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Apple Defends Its iCloud

Apple fights the iCloud breach allegations.

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Denial of Service Attacks on the Rise

These days, you don’t have to be a an evil genius of a hacker to bring down a website.

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