January 22, 2018

Chrome, Firefox Extensions Block their Own Removal to Hijack Browsers

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Airbus and Cisco Collaborate over Cybersecurity

Airbus and Cisco have come together with the signing of a new global partnership deal which will lead to collaborating and developing new products and systems.

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95% of SAP Systems Vulnerable to Attacks

Over 95 percent of SAP systems currently used in enterprises are exposed to vulnerabilities that could lead to a complete compromise of company data.

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The Challenges of Being a CIO

With technology being an essential part of any successful business, the importance and need for a Chief Information Officer is at all-time high. Many new CIOs, however, struggle with adapting to this constantly evolving role and have difficulty communicating the importance of their contribution to the rest of the company leadership.

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Vulnerability Disclosure in Aviation

New technology in Aviation raises concerns about increased vulnerabilities in a changing threat landscape with vulnerability disclosure taking a fall.

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Weird Security Term of the Week: "Insider Threat"

Many data breaches originate with a malicious insider. How can you recognize the danger and lower the risk of your organization being a victim?

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The Financial Dangers of Phishing

Phishing is easier than you think and it can cause some serious financial damage to your business.

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WordPress Plugin Bug Puts Millions of Websites at Risk

A vulnerability within a widely used WordPress plugin is actively being exploited by hackers, putting millions of websites at risk.

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Why Spear Phishing is so Hard to Prevent

A look at why spear phishing attacks are such a successful attack vector for cybercriminals and how a successful phishing campaign is crafted.

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Facebook Turns Internet.org into a Platform

Facebook is turning Internet.org, its project to provide free internet to new users, into a platform that’s supposedly open to all developers.

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