July 17, 2017

$53 Billion: Global Cyberattack Could be as Costly as Hurricane Sandy

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Some Android Phones Come Pre-Loaded With Malware

Buying a new device? Make sure it is not one of these models or else you might regret it.

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6 Mobile Hacking Tools that Security Professionals Should Know Of

Face it. Arguably one of the most essential parts of our lives, our smartphones, are very prone to attacks. Learn what apps hackers use so you can stay better protected.

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Steps to Successful Hacking

Ever wanted to hack someone but weren’t sure where to start and what steps to take? It’s easy.

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The Story of a Hacked Keyboard

If you can hack a keyboard to play snake on it, it’s only a matter of time before it gets hacked for other, more devious purposes.

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FBI Issues a Warning to Businesses About a Dangerous Malware

A confidential warning was issued today by the FBI, providing some details on what many believe is the malware that brought down the Sony Pictures a week ago.

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APT3 Group Used Two Serious Zero-Day Bugs in Its Attacks

APT3, a group linked to the “Clandestine Fox” operation, has been using 2 newly reported zero-day exploits in its attacks, dubbed DoubleTap. Of these, one was exploitable for…

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Sony: Movies Stolen in Data Breach Released, North Korea Suspected

Sony has yet to recover from the recent data breach, yet the files stolen in it are already hitting the pirate market. Sony suspects North Korea

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The Top 5 Dangerous Apps Your Teens Are Using

Your teens are exposing themselves to ever more digital and real-life danger by simply using their smartphones. Educate yourself about the top 5 apps that pose a threat to your teenager.

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The Regin Cyber Espionage Group Called the Most Advanced to Date

Regin APT is without a doubt the most advanced APT group that has been reported on thus far.

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