Infographic- Healthcare Cyber Attacks in Numbers

Attackers have increasingly begun targeting the healthcare industry with cyber-attacks. There is a high number of healthcare providers and patients affected in these attacks. Often leading to patient medical records being leaked on the black market or huge financial losses for providers. An average of one healthcare institution is hit is a large breach each month. The healthcare sector is targeted because of the industry lacks secure cybersecurity policies and is rich in medical data which contains value. Further, medical identity fraud is often harder and takes longer to detect.

Many of the attacks are executed through phishing methodologies, which at least 16 emails arriving in users’ inboxes each month. Many of these emails claiming to be payment notifications. It is crucial for the healthcare industry to begin creating awareness between healthcare worker and increase security in there systems.

To learn more about the healthcare industry and phishing attacks read the full article and see the infographic at SymbolSecurity’s blog: