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‘Nothing is Impossible’ Writes Hacker After Defacing Trump Campaign Website

 A hacker who goes by the pseudonym “Pro-Mast3r” has reportedly defaced a fundraising website linked to the campaign of President Donald Trump by compromising a server related to the campaign. 

The server, ‘secure2donaldjtrump.com’, appears to be a Trump campaign server, although it does seemingly link directly to the Trump Pence campaign’s home page, according to a report by ArsTechnica.

However, the certificate nodding toward its legitimacy as an actual Trump campaign server can be confirmed. However, the ‘secure’ website prompts a warning on Chrome and Firefox that the connection is, in fact, not secure.

The server is behind Cloudflare’s content management system and security platform.

Before the removal, the defaced website contained an image of a man in a fedora which contained the following test:

Hacked By Pro_Mast3r/ Attacker Gov/ Nothing is Impossible/ Peace From Iraq

The image of the compromised website can be found here.

Italian IT journalist Paolo Attivissimo dug deeper into the source code to spot a link to a javascript on a Google Code account, the latter which is now non-existent. The same technique was used to compromise at least three other websites.

Calling the attempt to sabotage the Trump campaign site as the work of an ‘amateur’, Attivissimo writes in his blog:

The fact that the “claim” is generic and that the JavaScript functions are not linked seem to indicate an attack not targeted by a professional. The attack can be automated on all sites using WordPress that haven’t implemented the latest security fixes. This suggests that the attempts to violate Trump’s site was the work of an amateur.

The server was promptly taken offline. Cloudflare and the Trump-Pence campaign are yet to acknowledge the server and website compromise or make any announcements pertaining to the incident publicly.

Image credit: Flickr.

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